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"Hoot"- Need ideas

Mrs. G

Senior Member
Has anyone used the novel Hoot by Carl Hiaasen? Are there any good ideas out there for activities to go with it? We would like to read the book and then go on a field trip to see the movie when it comes out. We will do a compare and contrast activity after that.


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I just saw that Scholastic.com is having a chat with Carl Hiaaen on April 18th (I think that's the date). That would be fun for the kids.


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I LOVE that book. It's so good. If you're looking for an extension project I would have them do research projects in pairs or small teams about different conservation efforts. Maybe have them pick a local problem or issue and see if they can come up with posters or fliers or even a brochure detailing statistics or facts. They could also give persuasive speeches telling their classmates about why students should _____. So if you live near the beach it might be about preserving sand dunes and why that's important or not littering on the beaches. If you live in the mountains it might be good for them to think about why trees are important and how cutting down trees affects mountains through erosion. There should be tons of things they could pick. Let them get creative but best of all you can tie it in to science, writing and even give them some instruction or practice with research.


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I received a teaching kit for Hoot. I think I got it from Scholastic. I received a similar one when Chronicles of Narnia came out. It connects the book to the film. I bet there is a Hoot website already out there since the movie is coming out. The site undoubtedly has connections for teachers to use. In the case of the Chronicles, the stuff I received in the mail could be downloaded from the internet website. Hope this helps.


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Wow! I just picked that book for my kids to read and I didn't even realize the movie was coming out. Does anyone know the release date?

Mrs. G

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release date

The release date is set for April 21st. This is subject to change according to the notice that I received.:)


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I have never read the book "Hoot" but i am sure that it would be a good literary option and it would enhance the knowledge of this place that you plan to visit!

Mrs. T.

Release date for HOOT

The movie release date has been changed to May 5th. See www.hootmovie.com or Walden Media.