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Horray For Spring Break!


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I am off till the 17th. and I am so excited about doing whatever I want. No lesson planning tonight. Tomorrow about 16 of our school staff are trotting off to Dresden, Ohio. Longaberger Homestead is there plus a lot of other shops. My husband thinks I am crazy wanting to be with my school friends on my first official day of break. Our staff at school is a great one. It does not matter if you are a teacher, custodian, or a cook, we all get along fine. It is a team effort at our school. Even the principal is going. We are all going to shop till we drop. I told my husband to go to the shooting range and have fun while I am gone. I made plans to go with him to a movie on Tuesday. For those who have not had their break yet, at least you will have Friday off and maybe Monday too.


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Have Fun!!

Have fun while you shop till you drop!! Our state testing ends Monday, and our Spring Break starts on Friday. We have the entire next week off!!! :D My husband and I are going on a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise, so we will be counting down the days this week!! :p


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Have a great time

We have 1/2 days Monday-Wednesday, with parent/teacher conferences in the afternoons. Then we're off Thursday-Tuesday. We're heading to the beach!


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Have fun

Wow! Your trip to Dresden sounds fun! I went there several years ago on a bus trip. What a beautiful place! Hope you have a great time. You'll have to let us know about your trip and the shopping:).
Enjoy your break! Ours is next week:)!!!

NJ Teacher

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Have a great trip! We usually get out to the Homestead a couple of times a year, and we always enjoy seeing what they're making in the plant. Hartstone Pottery in Zanesville is another place where I drop some serious bucks. I hear they are producing some of the pieces for the Longaberger pottery line now. It is very pretty this time with all of the spring landscaping they do. Have a safe trip! (Our break isn't for another couple of weeks. We have Good Friday off, then a full week of school, then finally, break!).


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I had promised my kids that they could do a gardening craft "during spring break." I promised I'd patch the baseball shirt "during spring break." I promised a trip to McDonald's to try the new play equipment "during spring break." I promised a shopping trip for my daughter "during spring break." I promised Easter Candy could be eaten "during spring break."

We've done the craft. I patched the shirt. I put off the McDonald's until a different day because it's Monday and we always go to Sonny's on this day. I told them we'd get the candy once they finished eating all the grapes. Shopping tomorrow!

Now they want to go to the library. I love spring break.


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Free for 10 Days

We got out on Friday. I was so exhausted that I literally went to bed when I got home. I have enjoyed today being at home and just reading a book for entertainment. I was SO ready for this break.

Carrie in WV

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Will Friday ever come???

Our first day of testing went fine...

We are ending up a book fair on Thursday, so after I get that all totaled up I will be out the door.

I am trying to talk hubby into taking me to Columbus to go to the Archivers scrapbook store and then to the Cheesecake Factory! Church on Sunday and then freedom until Thursday--I have to take my son to Virginia Tech for campus tours (he graduates '07) and then on Friday/Saturday it is our daughter's turn for open house at Marshall U. She starts in the fall:( .

After Spring break it is all downhill from there!