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how do I handle this?



Okay, this is not a huge problem, but I am beginning to feel badly and don't know what to do. My best friend has a toddler, who I see all the time. Her little girl is very attached to me which makes her "real" aunt's upset. They constantly make remarks to me, the child, and themselves. I try not to pay attention to the toddler when other people are around but she still wants me to play with her or just sit with her. I feel badly when I ignore her so she will go to someone else, but she doesn't and will cry until I pick her up. She also cries when I leave and her aunts get mad at that as well, making comments like she doesn't even do that when her own parents leave, in a rude tone. My friend just laughs it off so I don't think she is bothered. How should I respond to the rude remarks?


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I would simply tell them that a child responds to attention. You give her the attention she wants and she plays with you. They are just jealous b/c the child doesn't 'like' them as much. Don't ignore the baby b/c of them!!!!


Babies sense it...

I understand your dilemma. Since I was a child, babies have adhered to me. They sit and stare at me in restaurants, and want to "just sit" by me. Don't know why, but this has always happened. Other teachers notice and say "You have a way with the children." My own mother doesn't get it, she just says "You have the patience of Job" as far as dealing with kids.

Don't ignore the baby. She probably prefers you to her own snide aunties at this point. She can sense it. They can change their attitude, if they want a better relationship with their niece.


Don't ignore the child because of others' comments. I'm sure the girl can sense her aunts' attitudes, and she would rather play with someone who is more loving and kind. Just ignore them and do what you want.


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I agree ignore the aunts not the child. She is drawn to you and it is obvious that you care about her. If her aunts want the same response then they need to give the same amount of attention.