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How do you answer differentiation question?



I have three interviews set up in the upcoming week and I wanted to know how people answer the question on how would you incorporate differentiation in your classroom? I am interviewing for elementary jobs. I always give an example for math, but was wondering if anyone had an example in another subject.

Thanks for any help that you could give.


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For reading I teach flexible guided reading groups based on specific skill need. My centers are also flexible allowing different students to perform different activities within that skill.


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Curriculum Compacting

Basically you give the student a pre-test on the subject (can be any subject) and if they ace it, then they get to work on the next topic.

Let's say the subject is Science. If the topic is learning the scientific method and you've got a little girl who knows all the steps and then some. Well instead of having her just sit there while you explain to the rest of the class what she already knows, have her do the next step. Maybe let her design her own experiment.

I hope that helps.


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holy cow!!

I have an interview tomorrow and I'm nervous. I have talked a few teachers and a couple have told me to be prepared to answer this question. Thanks so much!!