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How do you challenge above grade level kids?


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I have a students who is very bright, however, he doesn't have any motivation to extend himself. I've tried giving him books to write stories in or a top ten list to work on. I'm in need of ideas!

The parents have asked for him to be challenged also.

Thank You!


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Could you...

have him create a class newspaper with comics, weather, editorials, etc. It could be fun!
Can he visit third grade during reading groups for challenging work?<!--leaves_fall-->


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challenging kids

Do you use learning centers at all in your classroom? Centers are a great way to accommodate many different ability levels. You provide different options in the center. If there are, say, 10 different activities in a writing center, you could make 4-5 of those extra challenging. There will be several kiddos in the class who will enjoy them. I liked the idea of a class newsletter as well, maybe having him act as editor? He could write a short letter, get other kids to contribute writing and artwork, maybe come up with a design for the top and bottom of the paper? You could post 2-3 websites in the newsletter, and it would be his job to visit the sites and write a short review to put in the paper. What did he like/dislike about each one?