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How do you get an interview?


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I need help! I have applied to two districts for their GT positions. The job posting online just says open positions and where it should say school it says administration. I have done all of the online applications, and filled out the questionaires. I have submitted my resume and cover letter. Normally, I would go to the school hiring and ask to meet the principal in person but what do you do if you don't know the school? The district is too big to go to all of the schools. Help!


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I would try the main district office, not a specific school. No matter what school has the open position, the district is the one doing the hiring.


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i feel ya!

I feel your pain! In April I went to 30 schools and took resumes across 3 districts. When jobs started opening, I took resumes and letters of interests to the schools again!! I emailed the principals and also went to 4 job fairs!! I really think brining a resume helps. Where I am from, more than 200 people usually apply for jobs and the principals don't have time to sit at the computer and look through the eletronic applications!! It also shows that you are serious, and willing to work hard to get a job if you take the time to drop off resumes. To be honest, I took the resumes to ease my mind. It helped me to know that I did everything I absolutely could to get an interview/job!!!
Keep trying and don't give up!! It will all work out for the best!


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Generally, specific positions are not posted online. Yes, you should do something else. Start by going to the administration and asking about schools that may be looking for positions, etc.


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Good luck!

It sounds like you'll have to try talking to HR at the district office. Stop by and mention that you've already applied online but wanted to bring in hard copies anyway. Mention that you also wanted to see the area and you're so glad it looks like they have (here mention something positive that you see like a lot of resources for teachers, recognition for staff if you see awards posted on the walls, beautiful school grounds, etc.).

I also wanted to mention that some of the specific information other posters have mentioned on this thread varies by region. In some areas, the district office chooses who to interview and the principals do the interviewing, but in other areas the principals choose. Also, in my state, most online positions posted are specific, not for general hiring, but I know that's different in other parts of the country.


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Go to the schools

Actually, in our district, principals have a lot of say in who they interview. In my case, I went directly to the school where I wanted to teach, introduced myself, left a resume, and then went through the district process.....and I have been teaching at the school I wanted for 4 years now. Good luck!


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Thanks for the help

In the districts I have applied, they do have specific job postings (grade level and school), except for the GT position. I figured they did this because GT teachers work at 2 schools and they had some rearranging to do.
Also, when I filled out the online application they said not to send paper copies of my resume. I assumed that they wouldn't want me to go to the admin building with one either, but maybe I should follow all of your suggestions and just go.
I know I need to do more than just fill out the application, but I didn't know where to start. Thanks!


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In my district, GT positions are highly coveted and reserved for senior teachers. I have never seen an outsider get a GT position or any other "out of the norm" positions. You may want to consider applying for a regular classroom position and once you meet with the princ. show him/her your qualifications for GT. Depending on where you are at, you may not want to be so specific with your choice. Sorry to be so harsh, but it may apply to your area, too.

Good Luck!!!