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How do you keep yourself happy?

Classroom Management 


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I have always taught in schools that have a high rate of behavior issues. I always have kids who are so sweet and willing to learn but there are also 4-5 that ruin it every single day. I’m talking so disruptive that we can barely even make it through the lesson.
I consider myself to be a very prepared/ structured teacher. I give my students lots of praise when they are doing the right thing. I always explain expectations before we do anything.
I am at a point though where I walk out totally defeated feeling every day. I just. Want. To. Teach.
My question- how do I get myself into a mindset where I can push aside the negative way these 4-5 kids make me feel? I’m too far in for a career change but the thought of this being the daily way I feel is miserable. I come in every day with the attitude of “this is going to be a good/better” day but of course the back talking, whining, Fighting, shutting down, and physical altercations continue. (I am in primary by the way). I know the things I described go on in a lot of classrooms but I’d love to hear everyone’s tips for how they balance the kids who are ready and willing to learn vs the ones who aren’t. I still want to put on a brave face for those few that want to learn.


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I would start by talking to previous teachers to see if anything worked. Journal the positive things that happen, you can look back latet for some positive reinforcement. It is sad4 or 5 can suck so much joy out of teaching.

Ruby tunes

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One thing I’d do is make sure any kids who are disruptive are seated towards the rear of your classroom. That way, they are less of a distraction to others who want to learn. Does your classroom or school have a discipline plan that also lists consequences? And if so, are the rules enforced? Can you single out one or two negative ringleaders and have them suffer the consequences of their actions? Any wannabes will then be less likely to follow along with them. Also, consider asking parents for their support. It can really help if you approach them in a positive way.


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I believe you should have a life outside the classroom. Find something that you can look forward to. Something to truly enjoy! To reward yourself:)

But it's going to help you get through the school year if you can get these 4-5 kids under control so they don't ruin all the good you do with the rest! We've all been there. I've had classes where it was just one student who sucked the life out by effecting the whole room. It totally sucks. It takes so much time and energy.

But do you have support? from parents, admin, colleagues? Individual behavior plans can work. Consequences and rewards to match the behavior. One of the best things I found most beneficial was lunch with the teacher rewards -it's free and you get to know these kiddos in a different light. Even though giving up some of your own time, I found it worthy. I like rubytune's suggestions about ringleaders and seating ideas. All the best to you!


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When I was faced with difficult students, admin, etc. I tried to remind myself that I can't save the world, but I'll do my best with the tools available.
Weekends I always hiked with a couple of friends. The physical activity and time outdoors really helped.

Ima Teacher

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Here’s what helped me.
  • Don’t take work home.
  • Schedule regular massages, manicure, pedicures, facials, etc.
  • Don’t take kid behavior personally.
  • Keep trying new things in the classroom.
  • Have your management plan on point, which will make dealing with the offenders easier.


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The 1 thing that increased my happiness

the most was I retired! :)
At work, I'd definitely sit the ones who paid attention near me. They increased my energy.
If some kids were going to goof around and distract others, I'd seat them where they were not noticed as much by others.
When the time came that zero consequences were allowed, I spent more time with the kids who benefitted from it.
I finally learned not to bang my head up against a brick wall!
There is only so much you can do in 1 day. I'd try to constantly look for things to be thankful for too.
Those gifts are all around us when we just take the time to look.


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at school:
--get admin to help out with unruly ones--work out a system so that those kids do not interrupt the learning of those who care. contact parents. create behavior plans.

--I take a brief walk outside during lunch with my teaching partner (she's no longer my partner but we just started up again this year--walking--my partner is 8 months pregnant, so...)

at home:
--friday is always take out night; no cooking allowed!