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How do you make extra money?

Mrs. L

Full Member
Money has been tight lately. I'd love to find a way to earn extra cash. I thought about being a server at a local restaurant but I hate the time commitment and how much I'd be away from my kids. I also dont want to go the direct sales route. Just not my thing. I've heard some things about working from Amazon at home but not sure what it's all about. Any thoughts?


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I volunteer at the local fish fry as a waitress. It's one night a week and I get to keep my tips.

I've done this for a while so they've now started trusting me to be a bartender at three different events. One was a birthday party for a 2 year old so not much money except my hourly, one was a union picnic where I made a bunch of tips, and then a wedding where I did ok on tips.


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Sell our stuff!

We have a resale shop in town. When I went to drop off ge today, I had over $70 in my account from just the last month. It's clothes my kids have outgrown, books I've already read, etc. Our resale shop gives the seller 40% of the sale price. It's effortless extra cash that I use toward Christmas etc.


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I am a paramedic. I work EMS on days when I am not at school, and at night. I am currently thinking about nursing school.