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How do you play SCOOT, the review game?

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I think there are different variations, but I put one numbered card on each desk. Then the students number their notebook paper with however many cards I have out. They stand up, push their chairs in, and start with the card in front of them. I usually play some upbeat music while they are working and after a length of time, I call "1,2,3, scoot". Then they shift to the desk next to them (I go over the pattern of how they need to move before we start). They do this and get faster and faster until they end up back at their original desk. Then we check their answers. Mine even came up with the idea that they turn their back to the desk when they're finished with each card so I'll know when everybody is ready to scoot.


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We play this!

We've made sets of cards for review of all out science topics. It really helps the students and they LOVE playing it.

It's also great for math facts.

We also play Quiz Quiz Trade a lot and they love that too. (Kagan Structure)


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SCOOT game suggestions

Thanks TMAR for the great explanation! This activity will be wonderful for my students that need to get up and move!........Question: If a student is taking too long to complete an answer and the whole class is waiting to SCOOT, what is your suggestion? I'm sure I could say, "Skip it", then after the game - give that particular card to the student to complete before reviewing answers as a class............Just thinking ahead.


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just another tip...

You can also use task cards to play scoot. My 3rd graders loved this game last year and I would put a task card on each desk. You could also cut up a worksheet and use a question from the worksheet on each desk! There are so many ways you can do it. *Make sure you practice scooting before you play!* Depending on how your desks are arranged it may be kind of confusing on which way to go! :)


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whole class

I have never used SCOOT before, but I am going to try it. It sounds like an awesome idea, especially for math.

I have done this as a whole class activity. I post pieces of paper or chart paper around the room. The number of papers can vary depending upon age group or topic. On each paper is a word or phrase. The students rotate in groups around the room. They write one thing about the word or phrase. I usually give different colored markers to each group so you can tell which group wrote it. They have to write something new on the paper. The groups rotate until each group has had a turn. Then you discuss what they wrote.
Here's an example:


Santa Maria
thought the earth was round

Hope this makes sense!


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Chart Paper Activity

This activity sounds wonderful, MissCrig. My students last year needed additional help with creating word categories, so I think I'll use this technique - write several different categories on chart paper (Part/Whole, Hot/Cold, Inside/Outside) and students will write two words that could be found in each category, then rotate to the next category(stars/universe, sun/snow, classroom/playground).


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My class had a blast playing Scoot right before the State testing. I used many of the task card sets I found in the archives of this site. What a fun and different way to review. I loved that the kids could get up and actually move from spot to spot while practicing great skills in all subjects! Thanks to all the creative teachers here for sharing!!!


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Love it!

misscrig, I love that group activity. I shall plan to use that in Science when we review. What a great way to work it! My inclusion kids will be able to feel successful with this activity. Thank you!

tmar, I love the idea the kids came up with about turning their backs to the desk when finished. I was wondering how best to handle that detail. Thank you!

LarkspurLady, I share your question for the slower student. Maybe when the class checks their work, they can use a colored pen/pencil to show corrections. That student can finish the problem in the correction pencil and later have a small group reteach lesson. If it's for a grade or team points, give credit for the part that is finished. Anyone else have suggestions or tips for this?


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Task Card Sets/Chart Paper Activity Question

jodeye - Task card sets in the archives? How do I get there? Thanks for mentioning them!

All - what great ideas you have!

I love the chart paper idea, too. Q: Does each group write one thing, or each person in the group?


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Sounds great

I can't wait to use this in September. This would be awesome as a review for a unit. The possibilities are endless. I can also make it part of our incentive day routine.


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Chart Paper Activity

I think this is a GREAT idea! I will use it this week to review for our unit test in social studies. THANK YOU!:)


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Sometimes I have the kids use carbon paper and two answer sheets (using clipboards). I collect one (and the carbon paper) before we review/discuss answers (so I know what they knew/thought independently) and they keep the other so they can correct their work (see their own answer) during discussion.