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How do you use cricut in classroom?


Junior Member
I have a cricut I got about a year ago. I've used it mostly to make letters for bulletin boards. I know I'm not using it to it's full potential. I'd like to know how others use it for the classroom. Thanks in advance.


Senior Member
I have used it to make calendars, job charts, bulletin boards, labels for storage bins, and window decorations.


Full Member
I have used it for the same as you but also for making posters that are similar to those seen in education catalogs, desk plates, name tags, lunch count tags, covers for class made big books, and themed bulletin board shapes 9ex. star student, student helpers, etc.) Just about anything that I could purchase at the teacher supply store I can make with the Cricut. You can also use the cricut markers in place of the blade and draw images. This year I want to get the paper doll cartridge and have the students put together a character that they will use in the writing center to write about. It could be fiction, science, math...anything. The cartridge has all kinds of things they can create from Sammy the Scientist to a cat they can turn into Tabby's country cousin!!! I thought that might be something fun for my kiddos this year! Hope this helps!