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How does one teach with no voice?

Miss C

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I was a little under the weather most of Christmas break, but didn't notice too much because I was able to sleep so much, and that made me feel even better than I usually do. Now I'm back to school, getting up at 5 a.m., and "the crud" has gotten terrible. I had almost no voice when I got up this morning. It's coming and going now. Mostly going. I have math 1st period. That'll be the hardest thing. After that, I'll have to find some creative way to get the students to help me. I'm not going to keep pushing my voice. I need to let it rest and get better. ACK! Anyway, just needed to vent here. Thanks! :)


be careful

If your illness has been going on for a while and your voice is affected, please consider that you may be getting vocal nodules if you push it. Do you know that whispering is more damaging to your vocal cords than talking? It doesn't seem logical because we can get out a whisper when we have laryngitis, but it is true. That is how people who abuse their voices and keep talking softly develop those nodules or polyps on their vocal cords. Take a day off and drink hot tea! And DON'T TALK!!! Teachers, ministers and cheerleaders are the most likely people to develop nodules!


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No Voice

I had this crud a couple of months ago. I actually found that I could be quite effective with no voice. Mean, but effective! :)


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I had this the week we got out for Christmas. I found that the kids were actually much quieter when they couldn't hear me well. I also used the "sympathy card" to get them to behave really well. I have a few students who will make great teachers one day, and I relied on them to do a lot for me.


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If you must work.....

Warm water and honey will soothe your chords. Don't use throat spray. A singer I knew would sing while sick and use that stuff. They had to strip his vocal chords.


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Try This

I have the same problem from time to time where I lose my voice. I have found that drinking a lot of water can sometimes give you back your voice by clearing the crud out. (You probably can't do this during the day because of the bathroom issue, but you can drink a lot at night.)

I also have used Mucinex after having a cold, and this has also helped me.

I'm not a doctor, so I don't know if this will help you or not, but you could try it out. Hope you feel better soon!


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where does the honey go?

I am always losing my voice now that I'm in the classroom. Several people have told me about the honey thing, but I don't understand how that's supposed to help. The vocal cords are not in the esophagus.


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I would frequently loose my voice. I write notes on the board, pick a "student" to be my teacher's voice, and rely on activities that are review that they can do without much direction. Most of the time it works, but there have been those classes that will take advantage. But 2nd graders are rather sympathetic and like to be helpful. :p