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How does your principal communicate with you


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We got a new principal this year and in the beginning of the year he was more accessible. Now he has implemented a schoolwide e-mail system and there is no personal interaction anymore- everything is handled via e-mail. I realize that the tone of e-mail can be hard to read but everything comes across as cold and inaccessible. If I go to his office he acts like I am intruding on him. Our last principal had an open door policy. I dread checking my e-mail - It is really upsetting to me. How do you communicate with your principal?


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My classroom is close to the office, and I still prefer to email my principal. Sometimes it's just faster, and I do it while I'm thinking about whatever the topic is. Otherwise I might forget. When I do go to the office, she is friendly and accessible. Sometimes she'll come to my room if she needs to talk about something.


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Long way to office

My room is waaaaay far away from our principal's office, and she is often out of her office for meetings, staffings, observations, etc. She is very accessable when in her office, but e-mail makes life much easier! Messages are answered quickly, and it's eash to set up a quick face-to-face meeting if this is needed. BTW, we have a GREAT principal!

Ima Teacher

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All of ours are generally available . . . depending on the other stuff going on in the building, of course. I try to see them early in the morning or after school. Sometimed I email when I just have something to tell them or something that doesn't need immediate response. I've called when necessary. They're almost always in the hallways between classes, and I talk there as well. They meet with us once a week, and sometimes more often.

Now, at the school where I did my student teaching (in the years before email), I didn't see the principal in the entire THREE MONTHS I was in that school! I'm assuming they had one because there was a door with a name on the outside of it.


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Our school is rather large, with over 900 students, so you could be in the school all day long and not see all of the members of the staff in it. So, our principal always communicates by e-mail.

I agree that e-mail can sound cold, and you have to watch how it's worded so people don't get upset when you write. People can't read tone of voice on e-mails.

Your new principal could very well be from a big school like mine. Perhaps you could suggest to him that you'd like to have the opportunity to speak with him how and then. I don't think any principal should act as if his teachers are intruding, and I can tell you that even my principal finds the time to smile, converse, and act friendly.

Mrs. G

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A little of everything...

Our Principal communicates to us in person, memos, emails. I personally like the emails. It many cases it saves me time and energy and I can answer questions immediately without forgetting. :)


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We leave a lot of messages with the secretary. (Poor thing) Very often we try to avoid our principal, mainly because we feel he is very ineffective, and does not make a lot of sense whe he talks anyway. When we absoulutely have to, we can find him in his office or roaming the halls. Actually I never really gave it a thought to e-mail him. :rolleyes: At least it would be in writing!!!! (He tends to be forgetful)


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Our school uses email alot. My principal also acts as if you are bothering him if you show up in person. I like email as it is quick and easy and often saves the time of lengthy conversations. However I would like to know that communicating the old fashioned way is encouraged too.


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My principal is formal (in a friendly way). I've e-mailed him a couple of times, but if we have a concern, we schedule an appointment with his secretary. I haven't been comfortable just walking in to say anything, though I have asked him quick questions in the hallway on occassion.

Miss C

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small school

We're a Christian K3-8 school with about 150 students, and our prinicipal is like the most accessible guy in the world! We all meet for prayer every morning and he always asks if anyone has any "issues" they need to bring up, we have an after school meeting of the minds every Tuesday afternoon, he has an open-door policy regarding his office and always seems glad to talk, he often sends written memos (usually follow-up about stuff we've already talked about), we have his e-mail address, and we all have his cell phone number and are told not to hesitate to call it. He's a very dedicated guy!


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She doesn't most of the time. She is very hard to get ahold of. Sometimes I go days without seeing her. She's a great micromanager, so has to have a hand in everything. Therefore, she's constantly in meetings or on the phone. Our school doesn't use the email at all. She will leave papers of assignments in our mailboxes with little or no notice for us to get them done. I just received notice that on the day before Spring break, we have a meeting. Usually in my other schools we have been let go after the buses. I'm heading across the US, now I'm stuck in a meeting. Like I'll be concentrating on that. We have very few staff meetings too. Communication is very poor around here. I have to ask around to certain people all the time to find out what is going on.


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WoW! I'm lucky...

Our principal only sends emails that need to be forwarded from the district. He has an open door policy and is very visible on campus. If he wants me, he comes to me. If I want him, I go to him. It's very personal and I love meeting face to face. If he needs to say something to the staff he'll get on the PA after school, wait for meeting day, tell it to the chairs, or go around and visit before/after school or at lunch.


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To see my principal I walk into his office and sit down. He e-mails a weekly note, but it's really a giant staff-to-staff memo (library is canceled Tuesday for Picture Day, stuff like that). We have a good working relationship: I don't bother him with useless stuff and he does the same. It's nice.

apple annie

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Hooray for great principals!

My principal sends e-mails if it's information meant to be passed on to the whole faculty from the central office or something that is meant for everyone. She sends out a weekly memo with updates, important info, reminders and words of encouragement. I've never gotten a personal email from her. If she wants to tell me something that pertains only to me, she comes by or calls me in my room. Also she is very receptive if a teacher (or student) needs to speak to her. Her office door is literally open unless she is in a private meeting. Also she is great about letting us know ahead of time if she is not going to be in the building.


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The Best principal

Our principal is great! She sends a daily memo with important info. It also includes a motivational comment. She also forwards all important info from our central office. Our school is large but she is always available. You can talk to her or email her and expect a quick response. I love communicating by email. It is quick and easy. My classroom is very far from the the office so it is much easier for me.

Mrs. O

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I have a wonderful principal too.

She has an open-door policy too. If you need to talk with her, you can just go into the office. We have daily morning devotions and a weekly staff meeting. Notes are put in our mailboxes if needed at other times. Our school is small, so even though we have e-mail, it makes more sense to just go talk with her if you have a need or a concern.