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How important are bathroom windows for you?


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I'm in the process of adding a bath and a half, and I'm conflicted on windows. I like windows, but right now my bathrooms don't have any. Would it be odd for the new ones to have them while the original ones don't, or am I overthinking this?


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I love fresh air in every room so my rec is to do the windows if your design allows. If not then be sure to get strong ceiling fans to bring in fresh air and avoid musty smells. Just my thoughts…


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I'd put a window in if I could. Love to open the windows after a shower and let it air out. A fan is not the same.


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Windows for sure. I hate caves - I'm not even sure it's legal to have a room without a window here.


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One bathroom has a window but it doesn’t open. The other 2 do not have windows. We are remodeling the one with a window. It will have a window that opens! I love fresh air!!


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I live in a townhouse, an interior one, and the bathrooms are all interior rooms so no windows. Actually, the bathrooms are the only rooms that are interior with no windows. It doesn’t bother me.

I like having windows in a bathroom for natural light, not for fresh air though. Due to where I live, windows can really only be open for maybe a month out of the entire year due to the heat/humidity.

That said, I do not like windows in the shower. My bathroom growing up had one and even though it had blinds on it, I irrationally thought people could see in so not a fan. LOL

I don’t think it would he odd to have some bathrooms with windows and some without, do what you like!


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Bath off master bedroom has a window and I like the light. Hall bathroom is interior and has no window. No big deal. It's my only interior room and the only place I can go other than a closet if there's a tornado!!


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Thinking back to the bathrooms of my lifeLOL, most places had both interior bathrooms and windowless bathrooms. As long as the room is well vented, I don’t care.

My guest bathroom has a glass block window—can’t be opened, but the light is nice. My bathroom doesn’t have a window and it’s never once bothered me—and I think it’s well lit. Does this seem dark to you?
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Ima Spedtcher

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My two indoor bathrooms have small narrow windows above the showers. I think most homes I have lived in, have had small windows like these, or none if they are interior rooms.

My daughter’s shower/bathtub in her New York City apartment had a window facing into the street right across from the subway station LOL- like your wet body was literally next to the window! She used a privacy film over that window. We also stayed at a hotel near the Paris airport that had a huge picture window between the bathroom and the bedroom- if you add windows, don’t go with those options!


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Neither of my current bathrooms have a window although one does have a skylight. I’m fine with it as long as there’s a good fan.


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Neither of our bathrooms have windows. Do I think bathrooms need windows, no I don't believe they need windows. I actually prefer not to have a window in the bathroom but, if one fits in your design and you like it, then have a window.


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Bathroom windows

I always prefer air and natural light. If you can put in a window, I vote yes.

We have window in one and no window in second bath. Again, I prefer window.

A suggestion: if you’re looking for light, try a sky tube/sun tube.

Ima Teacher

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My original bathroom is tiny, and when we did an addition, we removed the window. I can’t stand using that bathroom because I feel claustrophobic. I like light and air. The only room without a window is my guest bathroom and dining room.

The bathroom without the window is our tornado shelter, so it’s good for that. Otherwise, give me a window.


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Not a big fan of windows in the bathroom, and the only one we have is high up on the wall and doesn't open. I may have told this story here before, but here goes. On a road trip to visit family when I was growing up, we stopped for an overnight out in rural Nevada. It was a freeway motel with a pancake type restaurant across a parking lot full of semi-trucks. Clean and relatively normal so my parents left us teenagers in the room to get up and showered, telling us they'd be in the restaurant having coffee. They were sitting in by a window and when my sister and I sat down we immediately noticed the silhouette - from the waist up - of my brother who was still in the room taking a shower. The window was privacy glass so none of us had thought anything of it. We thought it was funny until my parents reminded us that we had just done the same thing. <!--giggle-->:eek:LOL My parents were highly amused. (My mom had not showered that morning.)

Although my sister and I did know to wait and walk out together, I can't even imagine being so casual about a bunch of kids in a motel room inadvertently attracting attention to themselves now. At the time (mid 70's) we didn't worry about bad stuff happening the way I would now.

We do have skylights. When the roofers were here I used a giant umbrella for privacy just in case!
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Ruby tunes

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Bathroom windows

Both my bathrooms have windows that open but I never actually open them. The option is nice but I’m short and the windows are up high so it’s easier just to use the fan to air things out.

If you want to have a window for fresh air, put it where you can easily reach it to open it.

Teach 5

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Our home has 2.5 bathrooms. None are large. The powder room and the kids’ bathroom do not have windows. I wish they did. The small master bath had a large window that took up the only wall space. When we remodeled it, we removed the large window and put in a small crack open window. I love it. I now have a place to hang towels but I still have natural light and fresh air. If I could I’d put a window in every bathroom.