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how long do you give them



how many minutes do you give students to complete a 100 problem multiplication test?


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4th grade

We give it for 5 mins. I have some students complete it in 2 mins. Sometimes I give it in 4 mins just for practice.


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Our school gives timed tests on a regular basis (about 4 times a week all year long). Scores are factored into the grades. 4th through 8th are tested on add/sub/mult/div and are required to do 100 problems in 3 minutes in order to "pass" that timed test. 3rd does add/sub/mult and must also do 100 in 3 minutes (I think that requirement comes only by the end of the year though). 2nd does all add/sub (sums to 18) and 1st does add/sub for sums to 10, and they also have to do 100 in 3 minutes (only by the end of the year). I was amazed that the 1st/2nd had (almost) the same requirements as all other students - but the really amazing thing is that a lot of them are doing it!

Now, what I'd like to know is how to get my lazy 5th graders to do the same thing (pass with 100/3 mins)!!! : )

Linda H

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Multiplication test

3 minutes!

They can do it and will learn their facts if you create a vacation club for anyone that gets an A on the test, not 100% Our A starts at 92. I have had a child on vacation since the first test in September, but every marking period he must take one test to prove he still knows his facts. I also used colored paper to run off the test so I can remember real fast which month they took the vacation. We're down to pink and yellow tests and three students need to pass for 100% this year.


v in LA

36 Basic Facts

Why give 100 facts to grade? There are only 36 basic Mult facts for students to learn. Take out the 1's, only go to the 9's and teach them that 3x4 is the same as 4x3 for example. Make up several test and give a different one each day of the week. Eventually they will be able to do these in under a minute.

Texas Gal

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3 minutes?! We give five. Those who know it get it done quicker, but we are a full inclusion campus and some of our darlings cannot compete with that time. I gave 5 1/2 at first and then lowered it. I may try to work towards 3 minutes next year. It bet it will be tough for some.