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How much do you spend?



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Every year I try to set a budget but I never stick to it! I would like to limit my spending for all expenses to 500 bucks for the year. I spend waaaaaaay more than that, especially when I go into stores and see clearance items or I hit the Dollar tree...yikes! :0

How much of your own money do you spend?

Gaven :)


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I spend too much

I took two seminars for over $4000. I take over $3500 off my taxes. I have at least that much in receipts.

AX Pendergast

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It depends.

Our school has a well-stocked supply room, so I want for little in the classroom. I might buy an academic text or two, just for my own personal reading. Otherwise, we're fairly blessed.


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Not too much

If I include my professional books, mentor texts, and a few little gifts for holidays, treats for celebrations, I spend maybe $100 for the year. I try not to do more than that. My P is great at supplying what we need, and donors choose has been an amazing resource. And I'm allowed to send home notes requesting donations for things like boxes of tissues. I save my money for my family.


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Our PTA gives us an allotment to spend and I usually spend that. If they didn't give us that, I might spend a few dollars here and there, but not more than 20-40 dollars.


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For many years hundreds and hundreds. But now, maybe 50?
Bulletin board borders, holiday treats and perfect spelling test treats.

Perhaps another $20 on library books because I want them. For example, I want more Ezra Jack Keats and the newest Pigeon book. The kids will enjoy them, but they are for me, me, me!


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I tried looking at it that way and it still didn't work! <!--giggle--> Now that I'm retired and volunteering it still doesn't work. I guess you can't teach an old kat new tricks.

I am getting better at checking for freebies on TpT though so maybe there is some hope for me yet.


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Last year I spent less than $10 but this year I have decided to change my theme and have spent nearly $200.
Next year, it will be back to $10!


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My district gives each teacher $125 for school supplies each year. That has to include anything you will need: construction paper, writing paper, dry erase markers, staples, tape..... Well, that does not go very far. I used to spend over 500 a year. I have tried to stop buying so many things. It is hard, but it can be done. I stock up at back to school sales. We all spend too much money on school!


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Used to spend thousands

I used to spend $2,000 - $3,000 a year. Now I buy candy for rewards and that's it. The district gives us $250.00 for all of our supplies. When we run out of stuff in my classroom, we run out. It's amazing once the kids learn I have no pencils in my room to give out, they somehow manage to always have a pencil, or one of their friends do.
I have not bought a new book for my classroom library in four years. As I bring home less money, I spend less in my classroom, much less.
As teachers we're not appreciated for what we spent in our classroom anyway. Parents didn't appreciate it and administration certainly did not. I don't think anyone has even noticed I'm spending thousands less, except me.

apple annie

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My district allots $400 per teacher per year. We have to spend it or lose it by Oct. 31st. After the money is gone, I'm done.

(Ok, sometimes, I make cookies or cupcakes for my students, because I like cookies, and I like my kids, but that's it.)


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Way too much

Between books for the library and supplies etc. We get $10/student per year and a box of copy paper and that's for the year.
We ask for donations but can't require. Last year for some reason, I didn't get much. I shouldn't have but I ended up buying prizes, gift bags for the holidays etc.

So far the only thing I've bought this summer (and I REALLY resent that) is boxes because I have had to pack my room up and move and the boxes they "provided" were beyond bad. I did that more for the custodians and my sanity than anything else.

This school year I plan on trying really hard NOT to buy things even though it's REALLY hard for me.....


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I try not to spend too much. PTO gives us $100 each and we spend that on our theme. The students bring in their own supplies that i select. I buy a few things each year like plastic bins, books and air freshner. Throughout the year i buy supplies for projects such as fruit for friendship salad, apples for johnny appleseed and eggs for easter experiments. But i always keep in mind spending for my family always comes first. Most of my budget for back to school supplies is for my boys.


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I spend

about $500 - 600 per year, I would guess. As the years go by, it is less and less because I try to only purchase things that make teaching more fun and are durable enough to last at least 5 years. As we are more and more team focused and do more "Walk to Read" type programs I can see that I will spend much less--I don't want the kids to be comparing their experience in my "feathered nest" classroom to that of my team members who are raising their own children and much more financially strapped than I am just now.


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My first year I spent close to $2000- with wardrobe included. Now I just buy what I need and don't think about it. I feel like if it is going to make MY life easier in the classroom with 30 kids all day long- it's worth it! :)


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I used to spend tons!! Now that I am approaching retirement, I have really cut back, I will spend no more than $50of my own money.


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I did good this year

I have only spent about $100 of my own money. Mostly for borders and classroom organization. I have spent well over that in previous years so I can say I did good lol