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How much do you spend?



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It's hard to tally up what I spend throughout the year. I will say that as the years have gone by I've spent less and less. I probably spent around $500-$1000 my first year. While last year was probably no more than $100.


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I spend about 500.00 for the school year. I try my best to hit the dollar tree and clearance items all the time. But when there is teacher appreciation week at Office Depot I splurge a little.


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I spend about $500 for the school year. Our district gives us about $325 to spend for classroom supplies. We usually receive our money in late fall and have to spend it by March. Our district provides every teacher back to school supplies and we have a stock room with supplies also.


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I am also cutting back. Our PAC gives us $100 which goes to stickers, crafting materials etc. My room is decorated and I don't plan to change it up as that gets expensive.

I will likely buy the dry eraser markers I like (no smell) and some craft supplies for Mother's Day and Father's Day. And develop some pictures...so I will say $50


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Not much

I get no money from my school or district. We can order basic supplies once a week. Once it runs out from the school supply closet we are on our own. Anything extra or luxury is on our own. Since I get $250 in a tax credit for educators, I try to only spend that much a year.


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I used to spend THOUSANDS! Once I got married, my DH talked to me and put me on a budget. Now I am expected to keep my spending under $2000.00.

I am an English teacher, so I spend most of my money supporting my classroom library.

Without the classroom library, I think I probably spend about $500.00 every year on necessary supplies.


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NYC public school teachers only got $57 this past year reimbursed for spending money on the classroom!!!

I probably spent about $500-700 this year on books and supplies.

I spent $1500 approximately on summer PD courses.


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This is my 16th year, so not much anymore. Our PTO usually gives our team a little money. My kids mostly come with supplies. I spent much more when I was younger and in a more urban district.