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How to do an SLO in Title

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I need help on how to select an SLO. I used my easy cbm beginning of the year assessment and highlighted the students I see and now that it is mid year and I am checking results and growth I noticed that I only have 5 of the 12 students still in title one. They have been dismissed. Anyone have a solution?


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I'm a sped teacher, but involved in intervention blocks where I see gen ed kids as well. We meet as a data team every 6 weeks to discuss the data and move groups around as necessary. Some kids end up with me all year, but a lot of kids that I start with end up being moved. Last year I also had kids that moved into my group after the first cycle (so like the 2nd month of school) and I didn't get any credit for their growth because they weren't on my original list.

My school/district doesn't make any considerations for this. My SLO is based on the kids on my original list, regardless of who I actually ended up teaching. Last year I didn't make my goal. Luckily I was rated highly enough on my evaluation to still be okay. I wish they would let me just make a list at the end of the year of all of the kids I actually worked with all year long.

Assuming your kids have been dismissed from title because they're doing really well, I'd personally try to just stick with that list and get credit for that. I mean, being exited is the goal, right? If I were you I'd still progress monitor them every once in awhile (if you're not already doing that) so you can keep up on their data and use that for your SLO.


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In my state, I select the group of students, student growth goal and timeline to meet the goal. I typically set a very ambitious goal with whichever group of my students is highest need and push the goal date out to the end of the school year.
This year my goal was written re: my group of 5 first graders, whose fall phonics/PA assessments were at early K level. Goal is based on end of 1st grade benchmarks on the same measures. We did winter benchmarking this week and 3/5 kids are already at the goal while the other 2 are now meeting winter benchmark goals. Which is awesome, except that all but one of the kids will almost definitely be exiting my group.
It’s the first time we’ve met the goal SO early. My P says to continue tracking the same kids through to the end of the goal target date. That is what I would have thought I should do. Assistant P, who is my formal evaluator this year, says I either need to keep the kids even though they aren’t highest need, or write a new goal.
I’m not really sure what will happen. I’m in a title wide school but am partially funded by our state program for at risk learners, so technically I could keep the kids but it doesn’t seem right when there are 15-20 other kids who are now testing below benchmark.

Sorry this isn’t an amazing answer. You aren’t alone!
Our union has been working with admin to figure out the evaluation system for interventionists (including SPED, ESL, and math and reading teachers) and it’s still a work in progress, clearly.