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how to get scholastic points


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I'm a new teacher and would like to know how to get points with Scholastic. I see lots of books I would like to buy, but simply cannot afford to pay for them all.

Is there anything I can do?



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Scholastic points

You have to place student orders in order to earn points. The amount of points you earn depend on the $ amount of your orders. The more money the students spend the more points you accumulate. Start sending those Scholastic book orders home! :)


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bonus points

You might ask another teacher who already orders because they can give you a 'new teacher' coupon. These can be around 100 extra points for you ! :)


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"Sell" the Books!

Welcome to teaching! Building your classroom library will be the most exciting part of teaching, especially when you get the books for free!

In addition to Cheerycakes and Perdy4's suggestions:

You may have noticed some Parent Letters on the Scholastic site. Send those home with the students. Be sure to get catalogues from Scholastic that span the grade levels.

I've been able to get a lot of free books from Scholastic points just by gathering my students around and taking the time to "sell" the books that are in the catalogues. I usually pick the least expensive books to promote and read the little ad that goes with it. Most of my kids can certainly afford .95 books.

Kids LOVE to get books. When our order comes in, we gather again to open the box and pass out the books. It's like Christmas!

My advice: Get the kids excited because YOU are excited.

Happy Reading!
LindaR :)


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make it easy

for parents and offer the online ordering. I send an email to parents w/the user name and password and usually get several orders that way, in addition to the paper order forms. Also, September and January are big bonus points months. I got 5000 bonus points this September because my order was over $200. I promoted that month big time!


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TEchnology Catalog

If you live in a community that can afford it, definitely send home the Click! software catalog as well as one with books- since you get one bonus point for every dollar spent, and often these are doubled or tripled, the software costs a minimum of 14.99 as a rule- a lot of points for one item! these points may be used for any catalogs- not just for software. I also only send out the catalogs that offer doubling, tripling etc... At the holidays, I offer parents to keep the books separated in bags if they would like to give them as gifts and tell them how they can get them from me.
\Also, look for other sources of books- I get tons form our Public Library Book sale every Saturday and always look at Yard Sales.. In addition, as time goes on, don't be shy about asking parents to donate any of their children's books when they are done with them in a few years- I have had bags and bags of books donated this way, and now have a library of well over a thousand books. It takes time, but is a fun hunt!<!--schoolhouse-->