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how to grade writing pieces



hey everyone- i have a question- how do you grade your students' writing? i am doing writing workshop and the kids are producing many writing pieces. how should i grade them? do you use a rubric? if so, can you post it? thanks so much! beth


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I grade each paper differently. If you are familiar with 6 traits, you might want to teach to each trait and then look at that trait specifically to grade. Sometimes they just get an E,S,N, or U depending on what they give me. You might want to go to teachnology.com and take a look at their rubrics. They have premade and ones that you can generate. Many of the reading series have rubrics in the back that you can work with as well. Ours has smiley, straight mouth, and frowning faces so that the students better understand what they got. I hope that this helps.