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How to Handle Guided Reading


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Hello -

I am a new resource room teacher this year. In the past in the resource room setting, I've used Reading A-Z for guided reading and that has worked well. I guess I'm just curious as to what extent I should include the reading that is being done in the general ed. room. How can I combine the two so that the students aren't falling too far behind in their ELA in the gen. ed room? Hope that makes sense!


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Reinforce learning

When I did RTI interventions, I would spend the first 10 minutes reinforcing what was going on in class: spelling, vocabulary, reading strategy. Then I would spend the remaining 20 minutes on guided reading. The teachers really seemed to appreciate the reinforcement and they did do better on the tests in class.


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I will be a special ed teacher next year that I will have both inclusion and resource students. For the resource students, I plan on going over the students IEP goals and try and match them with the curriculum the classroom teacher is teaching. I have no idea how many students and will get all that information our first week back. I don't expect to meet with any of my students until the second week of school, since once I get the number of students, I will have to work out a schedule tht will work.
Not sure what grade you will be working with.