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How to Manage Classroom Jobs - Suggestions, Please

Classroom Management 


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I'e never used classroom jobs, but I am trying to teach my middler schoolers more accountability and responsibility this year. I am planning to have maybe 4-5 jobs, but do not have any idea on how to manage them. Anyone willing to provide some suggestions?

Thank you!


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I do it an easy way

I have 2-3 helpers a week that do it all. I call them VIPs and rotate them once a week. I could never get a handle on a rotating job chart.


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Classroom jobs

I am a middle school teacher and I use classroom jobs in my classroom. I have a grid on my wall made out of laminated 3x5 cards.
For the first of the year, I just select kids at random for various jobs and train them. After a couple of weeks, I open up job application (google form) and students can apply for specific jobs. When I switch students, the student currently holding the job trains the replacement.
My classroom runs very efficiently because of my student workers.
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I have my students apply for various job. They fill out an application. I try to give kids their top choices. I do train the kid and they pretty much have the job all year. I have six classes, so I just have the jobs typed up and taped on the wall. If a kid wants to quit, we just cross the name off and write the new name in.

I have goofy names for jobs like Pencil Guru (for the kid who sharpens pencils), Board Boss (for the kid who takes down magnets and erases the board), and various ones depending on the class. The most popular job is the "Runner" who is the messenger and gets to "leave" class. I try to do jobs a few weeks into school, so I get a sense of who might do well in certain jobs. Some classes do end up rotating jobs like the Distributor who passes out papers. Some kids rush to class to pass out folders! It's funny how much they like the jobs because they get no "salary."

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I have students apply for various jobs. They get to keep it all year unless they want to quit or I have to fire them.

technology assistant
teacher's assistant
library assistant
greeter (answers door and phone)

I used to have more jobs, but they all sort of morphed into these four.


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I usually only have 3 jobs (door holder and two lunch wagon helpers).

However, now that our school is heavy into Conscious Discipline, we must have jobs for just about everyone. I find it silly to have almost 30 jobs (after all, everyone should be helping to keep our classroom clean, not 1-2 people).

With that, I will probably have about 8 jobs but I honestly find 3 works great.

I rotate them btw.


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Two ideas

Here are three ideas that might help. They won't necessarily solve all of the problems, but can help!

One is to have a job that is "Job Checker". The job checker is in charge of making sure that everyone else completes their job.

A second is to "pay" kids for their job. If they do their job well all week, they get a small "reward". This could be a small piece of candy (tootsie roll, laffy taffy, etc.) or anything else you deem fit.

A third idea is to have kids "apply" for their job. It's a great way to integrate the "real world" and job skills into your classroom. Present your jobs and have students fill out a "job application." You could also have them write a short essay/short answer response about why they should be chosen for the job. Or, you could interview them. Or you could just stick with the application. Whatever you want. Then, you can pick who does the jobs based on the application/interviews. You can have kids reapply each month/quarter/etc. if you want to give more people a chance. By having students apply for the job, you often can make sure that the students who are going to do the job and do it well will get the job. Students who don't care won't even apply! Plus, it's a great idea to integrate Language Arts and career skills! When I did this one year, I did have EVERYONE apply for a job, but I had them make a note on their application if they really were applying or not. That way, everyone was exposed to the skills/task, but I knew which ones actually wanted the job, too.


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As PP stated, certain philosophies such as Conscious Discipline and Positive Discipline believe that it is important that each student hold a classroom job each week. After reading about it, I decided to expand my job board from about 6 jobs to 22, which is how many students I usually have in my class. I LOVE it! At the end of the day, when all the kids are independently completing their jobs, we turn on music and it feels like such a happy little home! At first I thought it would be difficult to teach them, but then I realized that the kids could "train" each other and they caught on quickly.

I also thought I would be struggling to think of enough jobs, but they came to me so easily! Plus, some jobs have 2 children who share the responsibilities (such as retrieving the lunch basket from the cafeteria or wiping the tables at the end of the day).

I recently stumbled upon the job board below on Pinterest and I plan on creating one this year. I'll just rotate each clip clockwise until each kid has held each job!
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