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How to teach current events?



I'd like to introduce the newspaper as a weekly feature. However, I recall stressing to find an article my own child could understand for a first grade activity. Any suggestions for how to have students select and present?



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Weekly Readers

Have you ever tried weekly readers? We use them and love them. They are a mini newspaper for each week and have wonderful activities on the last page and Buddy who teaches character building. We have the school purchase them for us to enhance our social studies unit.


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Weather maps & forecast- graphing skills

Reading the comics- types of sentences.

Newspaper Advertisement- putting words from the ad in abc order.

Grocery AD- Math

Just some idea.

Marie from PA


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how about just a picture. You could cut off the writing, and get the kids to talk/write about what they think the picture is about. or write a story about the person. I like sports photos because the kids can understand them, but any interesting looking photo would do. you could tell them in general terms what the picture was actually about after they had shared their ideas. Good for thinking skills.

Or how about making it homework for the kids for the week to write a 'story' about one thing that has happened to them this week, then present them with a picture. You could stick them onto newsprint pages for a class newspaper. it is current events, at their level. You could look at newspapers to discuss how they are set out.

or this website has kid friendly articles