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I am beat!


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This was my first year working as a substitute teacher. In fact, it was my first year working in a school. I could not get a paid internship, so I opted to substitute teach in lieu of student teaching. I am so beat. This was so exhausting to me. Unfortunate for me my certification will not go through until for a couple of months, because I am self-certifying. I am going back to corporate America until it comes through. There's no way I can substitute teach next year. Its too damn exhausting.


I agree

I just want this year to be over with too (it ends in 2 weeks). I've had mostly good experiences, but I am looking forward to working part-time at a place like Barnes and Noble, with seemingly less pressure, before starting my full-time position in late July.
Hopefully next year you'll get the teaching job you desire. Good luck.


Subbing is harder!

I have student taught 4 months (August-October 2005) and subbed for 2 months(March-May 2006) ....subbing is harder! yes, there are more lessons to get ready and grading to do when student teaching, but you always have back-up!! Taking care of behavior probs (all I have been doing lately!) is much more exhausting!
I have JUST started the interviewing process, so I am very hopeful to have a job by August! I serve tables on Sats now, but will do full time this summer. I have served tables 5 yrs though, and am sick of waiting on adults, I can't wait to just be with children the rest of my life!


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Tired but afraid of no work!

Oh my I can relate, but I'm starting to freak because my sub work will be gone in a month...it doesn't make the ends meet, but it's something...I wrote on another thread that I've been approached about doing a paid internship, while I get my credential, at the high school where I work. Unfortunately, my alma mater (university) is doing what it does best...hindering progress. They say there is NO WAY I can enroll until summer 2007. So I am madly hunting around for another school to enroll in, and at the same time, interviewing for some other non-teaching jobs I would have KILLED for a few years ago. I need money badly.

I am thinking of taking a big money job for a year and then enrolling in the paid internship program at my college in summer 2007...But maybe there won't be a ready-made teacher job by then....

I am really glad to hear people say subbing is exhausting! I feel that way too. I've worked really hard this year and it has paid off, in terms of being offered this paid internship, while I teach and go to school. And while I REALLY REALLY want to do this, I get freaked, thinking of teaching all day AND going to school. It is somewhat comforting to hear some of you say that subbing is harder than student teaching.

Monander - BEST of luck to you! Don't' let corporate America consume you! Hold out for that certificate and you teach next year! I think that is great. I want that so much. It feels like so many obstacles right now, but I'll get through...


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I am so burned out on substitute teaching. The school district gets out next Friday and I cannot wait. I feel tired physically and emotionally. Also towards the end of the year it seems like the kids are tired of school and start having a lot worse behavior.


As a child, I loved school. Yet, I remember each year, I was more than ready for the end of the school year. I also remember halfway through summer break, I was eager to go back. I have found that things really haven't changed. Each year, I am so stressed that I can't wait for school to be out. Then in the fall, I march right back to school, ready to get back into the swing of things.

I think if the income were better, it wouldn't be so bad. It's no wonder we subs are so stressed by the end of the year. We work like mad during flu season. Afterwards, subbing is up and down all year. Most subs don't even have an idea of what they monthly income will be when they start subbing in the first place. Then when the end of the year approaches, the substitute may be shocked at how little they have made for the year. Also, reality is setting in that the income will be coming to an end, usually much sooner than most subs realize. Then of course there is the added stress of student behavior which kicks into overdrive in the spring. By the time you accept all that, the teachers are stressing with their end of year responsibilities. Oh, and let's not forget the end of year drama -- "so and so teacher is leaving this year", "this one is teaching a different grade next year", "so and so said they are changing the sub requirements next year"...

Although there is a lot of gray area with substituting, if you sub for more than one year, you really can get a feel for what to expect. You can generally say what your yearly income will be. You learn not to get wrapped up in the talk around school. You accept the fact that the kids behavior is worse at the end of the year. You can't worry, just deal with what comes your way.

Also, it doesn't hurt to have a back of plan either. If you must make a certain income, you may wish to have a part time job. The first year I subbed, I worked for a small business. When I was hired, I told the man I was a substitute teacher and needed him to be flexible with my schedule. The deal was that I would show up to work, unless I got called to sub. If I got a sub call, I would call in letting him know. Then I would agree to work for him the next day if he needed me.

I know that sounds impossible, but a lot of small business owners could use an extra employee part-time, but aren't able to commit to another salary. He got the extra help, but wasn't obligated to work me every day. If work happened to be slow, which did happen a few times, he would call me and give me the day off. No big deal.

The only real drawback to such an arrangement, is that you aren't really able to build yourself as a substitute who will work every day. I wanted to sub every day, but wanted the security of a "real job". For that year, I did work most every week day between the job and the substituting. In that way, it was good. I had a fairly steady income.