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I am tired of being called a b*tch!


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2 week ago, a fourth grader called me a b*tch when I told him to give me his spelling paper (he was screaming and disturbing all of the other students, so I was going to send him back to his room).

Yesterday, another 4th grader was being very loud in the hall when leaving my class. I told him to come back in and sit down, that he could leave when he learns to be quiet. He proceeded to call me a "son of a b*tch". I wrote him up and then he threw a chair and slammed the door.

I am REALLY getting sick of this! If I were to have called my teacher something like that when I was in school, I wouldn't be alive today to talk about it. My parents would have murdered me!!!!


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Not Good!

This is horrible, especially for fourth grade! If I were you I would definately notify the principles and parents about these students behavior. I see more disrespect from kids now then I have ever seen in my life, which is horrible! Good luck with everything.

c green

Takes you aback

What's the school's policy? My own is that any profanity moves you straight out of my room--but you need a principal who will respond to your concerns.

Ugh. I would have been very upset.



A teacher I know when called a 'stupid bi*ch' by a student responded that she was not to be called 'stupid' as she had gone to college and attained a CAGS. She said this quietly to the student as she filled out the slip to send him to the office. The student was astonded at her response and quietly went to the office for the principal to deal with.

In that vain you could tell the next one that since you are female you are not the 'son of' anyone.

From your description it sounds as if these two fourth grade students have major problems. Document. Document. Document. Be sure to document all of their abusive comments and behavior. Documentation is the key to getting administration to take action.