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I CANNOT make a decision!!!!


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I am so frustrated at how indecisive I am being! My husband and I found a new house about 2 weeks ago that we both fell in love with. We own a house now that I am perfectly happy with but the new house has more room, larger bathrooms, and the perfect floor plan. It is being built in the beginning phase of a new subdivision so there is only one other house. Right now, we are in a neighborhood. I cannot make up my mind!!!! I have made lots of lists considering the pros and cons and my "gut feeling" is not giving me the answer. Our current house is not listed on the market yet, but tomorrow a family is being shown the house by a realtor who thinks she may already have an interested family to look at the house. I just feel awful....I guess I will just have to let the situation unfold so that I can gain more info. but right now I'm torn. Have any of you been in this situation?



"Larger rooms, bigger house, perfect floor plan" It sounds to me you have made up your mind. Put a binder on it contingent upon selling your home. If it's meant to be it will be. Good luck and how exciting this must be. Take a breath and see what happens. Let us know.

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What about your finances? Can you afford to move up? Is the house in a good school district(if you are planning on or have children) & is it in area that you want to live in for a long time?

I felt the same way when I fist saw the model for the home we live in now. I just felt like I had come home. The house was just so me. I was excited but also nervous. We had just started looking. Like you we had a nice home but I really wanted to get away from our high traffic street. The new home while not that much bigger had an extra half-bath & a much better floor plan.

Our house was also in a new subdivision, but it was almost full. The best part was that we were able to pick out & then hold a lot for 90 days while we kept looking & decided & put our other house on the market. We had to put down a nominal fee to hold the lot but it was worth it. After doing some more looking, listing our home, etc. we knew we had made the right decision. We then went ahead and had the home built. Maybe you can also put a hold on a lot, while you take some more time to consider your decision. It seems like one of your concerns is that the new house is not in an established neighborhood. We had moved several times for job transfers until we got to this area. My experience with the new neighborhood was the best. Since everyone is new, they all go out of their way to meet the new neighborhoods, to hold block parties, etc.

We have been very happy here. Good luck making your decision, & let us know how it goes.


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We built in a new sub. and were the 4th house. Be prepared for the additional building that will go on around you.
Also, try not to be so frustrated over the situation. Houses come and go. If you are happy with what you have, then consider, in the grand scheme of things, if moving or not is really that big an issue.