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I can't believe I am experiencing burn out


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I have always loved teaching, I have always felt very blessed to be doing something that I love every day, but this year (my 6th year of teaching) I am experiencing teacher burn out. Even though I have 34 kids, they are good, well behaved for the most part. I know that the rediculous focus on state testing has gotten me down a bit, but this is something more than that. Would some of you more experienced teachers please tell me that this will pass, and that I will love going to work again, hopefully sooner rather than later. At this point I am sitting here near tears, knowing that I have to get going and get myself in there again today.


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Hang in there

I switched schools my 6th year of teaching and felt exactly as you do. I was convinced I was not meant to be a teacher! Many of my friends were shocked when I went back the following year.
Hang in there! My seventh year of teaching was a stellar year. I had a friend tell me once that every seven years an outstanding class comes by. That is exactly what happened to me.
The spring will come back into your step and you will get through this valley. At the end of every day focus on the one great thing that happened - could be a student who rarely speaks spoke to you or someone finally completed all of their homework! As for anything negative be like a duck and let it roll off your back!
Keep me posted!


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Third Quarter

I've been teaching for 20+ years and always find that this time of year is the "pits'. The third quarter is always the worst and is the time of year that I feel so down and burned out. I think the kids feel the same way. But then we all perk up again around Easter. Maybe it has to do with the weather in winter. So don't worry. It will get better!:) :


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burn out

I changed grade levels when I started to feel the burn. Is that an option for you? It has been great ever since. This is my 8th year and I may be ready for another grade level change in a couple of years.


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That's exactly what I did bamateach. I changed grade levels after teaching 5 straight years of second grade. Have you tried different grades MaryMac? Sometimes if I don't feel challenged enough, I need a change. Teachers like to learn and grow. Doing the same thing for a long time makes us tend to feel bored I think. You'll be fine. I don't think what you are describing is burn out.


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Change is good

I agree with the previous two posters. I have switched grades a few times in my ten years. I began in kindergarten, after 2 years I moved to 2nd, after another 3 1/2 years I went back to kindergarten, and after 3 1/2 years in kindergarten (the second time) I landed in third. Each time presented new challenges, but kept my love of teaching alive. Nothing against teachers who stay in the same grade forever, because one day I might, but I think change keeps us from getting stuck in a rut and helps us grow as professionals. Returning to school to get my master's degree in reading also recharged me. If the particular school your in has you down it may be time for a school change. I've done that a few times too, mostly to get closer to where I live. Hang in there, things have a way of working out for the best!

By the way 34 kids, in a testing grade. How do you do it? I can barely keep up with all the paperwork with 22 and I have a part-time assistant. Even when the whole class is outstanding 34 kids is a lot and would wear on anyone.


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Thanks to all of you who posted!

Actually I have already talked to my principal about going down from teaching 5th to 4th grade. I don't think anyone is leaving next year but I know a 4th grade teacher is retiring after next year.

Another reason I was down yesterday morning is because I had a sub on
Friday and another teacher called me Sunday night to tell me that my kids were horrible, the principal had to go in there twice because of their behavior. So I knew I had to deal with all the drama, oh the kids swear that she was the meanest teacher ever, and sooooo unfair to them! Actually it seems that she was a bit unreasonable! :o)

So anyway, today is another day and next week is winter break and I am going somewhere warm for 5 days, and soon it will be spring break and before we know it, it will be June! Thanks for all your support, it was very helpful, you guys are awesome!