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I cant pass classes. HELP!


Juliana H

I am 20 years old and I graduated from high school with some difficulties, but I did graduate in 2005. Since then I want to start college, but I am just so frustated with it becuase I will have to take about 4 math classes (general classes) and I just know I wont be able to pass them. I struggle way too much with math in High school that now I know I wont be able to pass college math.

Is there any schools that wont have math generals? I am just crying my eyes out because its like if im never going to be able to get a degree and if I dont do that I wont be able to support my family and get a good job.

I am just so so so sad and I just dont know what to do.


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Have you considered Junior Colleges?

Classes are smaller, and most of the time they have tutoring centers to help students who struggle. My older son had trouble with Math all the way through high school because he never really caught on to freshman Algebra. He would do as much of his assignment as he could, then go to the tutoring center to get help with the rest. It really helped him.


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I went to Jr. college first and took remedial math. Then I transfered to a small university and became well known with the math tutoring department. I went after every math class and before every test. If I can pass math, anyone can pass math. Good luck and don't give up!

oh and guess what? I'm getting my Masters degree this month!!


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Look for a mentoring program at a Jr. College

Don't beat yourself up before you try. It could be that you are scaring yourself and really making it into a big ol' monster before you've enrolled. Ask lots of these types of questions at whichever colleges you are considering.

It may help you to know that there are actually quite a few of us, with myself included, who have been afraid of math because of the way we were taught in high school. I was really afraid of taking any college math classes because I felt like such a failure in high school. It turns out that my math teacher was actually a very poor excuse for a teacher.

I went to a tutor in the beginning of my college years, but I gradually found that I could actually understand the math quite well. I have to admit, I'm still a bit of a math phobic, but I don't want my students to be afraid of math like I was, so I go the extra mile to make sure they understand what they are doing. As a matter of fact, an eighth grade teacher told me my name came up again and again whenever he asked his classes who their best math teacher was. They said they liked the way I taught math because I explained it so they could understand it. (I was glad they never knew how hard it was for me to figure out what I was teaching! LOL)

Several years ago I volunteered at a local junior college as a mentor for 'at-risk' students who wanted extra support to get through their first years of college. I know this was a specially funded program, but maybe you can ask around to see if there are any similar programs for students who struggled through high school. If not, I'm sure, as others have stated, there are tutoring programs and/or remedial programs to help you get through your classes.

Give yourself a running start by being more positive. Ask around for programs where you can get some help with the math, if that's what's keeping you from going forward. Again, as others have said, it IS possible!


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Community college or Jr. College

Community colleges/Jr. Colleges offer small class sizes, and remedial classes in math, reading and English. Of course, the tuition is lower so that makes it a plus, too.

Start with a visit to a community college in your area. Tell them what you've told us. You will probably be given a test to determine your readiness for college level math. Based on the results, you will be placed in remedial classes designed to help you be successful.

You've already made the first step in reaching your goal. Keep a "can do" attitude and keep us posted.