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I did have a little chuckle today...


Senior Member
My BIL and SIL sent me a very nice birthday card today...only problem...my birthday is in May. <!--giggle--> The laugh reading it and then thinking about it occasionally was worth getting the card today.:)

I texted DH and told him and he said "a little early?" I text back "a little late?"

Anyway, I don't have the heart to tell them it's not my birthday. Although I do have to thank them for the card.:)


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Ha ha

Maybe it was delayed in the mail and they really sent it in May! At least they were thinking about you. Its the thought that counts right?

How funny and cute.


Senior Member
Well, they did mention getting ready for Christmas in the card.<!--giggle-->

My DH emailed his brother and teased him about it. <!--eyebrow--> They have that kind of relationship so we can all laugh about it. They'll laugh rather than be embarrassed!