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I don't teach ED anymore!


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Last year I taught the EBD class for my district. The end of last year the director assessed my class and it was determined that the class was there for only one student that was legally labeled ED. So this student was placed back at his regular site with a full time para and the class was eliminated. I was reassigned to start up a new life skills class for MR students, which I was thrilled to be doing.

Now for the complaint....Several of the students in the class last year were not labeled ED, they were just behavior problems and my class was used for a dumping ground for any student other teachers did not want to deal with. This year the other teachers are complaining because they have these students in their class. They don't see why they can't place the ED students in my class, since I know how to deal with them. Now these are not regular education teachers, these are special education teachers who are trained, but don't want to deal with aggressive behaviors. I just found out that 2 of the teachers have gone behind my back to administration complaining and stating why I should have these kids (labeled OHI), instead of them. If I taught ED I could see their point, but I do not.
This is also happening from teachers from the middle school and high school in my district. I spoke to the principal and my director regarding this and they said they support me and are behind me. There is supposed to be a meeting this week to set these teachers straight. I hope it gets straightened out, because I love what I do. Also I know I will be blamed for this but I don't care, I have to stand up for myself and my students.

Whew.....That felt good getting off my chest.

Jennifer in OK

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Things like this annoy the h*** out of me! It bothers me when teachers are dumped on like this. I can sympathize with you as one member of my team has the same thing happen to her - but with regular ed behavior problems. Why should one person deal with it when it eventually becomes admin's responsibility!? Maybe these teachers need to look at their classroom management and revamp it.


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I am SO with you! I teach Resource, K-6. Teachers come to me ALL the time saying that they have students that need to be in my class. 99% of the time, these students are doing OK academically, but are horrible behavior problems. I get so SICK of teachers wanting to throw their behavior problems kids at me. I see 45 students a day, and most of them have behavior issues. I don't need anymore!

I hope that your principal gets things straightened out with the other teachers! It's great that he supports you. My principal always tries to get behavior problems into my class, but I fight it!