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I forgot my digital camera at a restaurant.


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When I returned to get it back, I was told they didn't find it. I am so sure someone there has it, but what can I do. I was there with my friends and I was the last one to leave. There wasn't very many people there, so if someone had gotten up from their table to get the camera I'm sure the waitress would have seen. I don't care about the camera. I'm boomed b/c I had hundreds of picture still saved and I hadn't printed the most recent pictures of my daughter from here B-day party and Halloween. Can I file a complain somewhere? Please Help!!!!


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Perhaps the restaurant would let you post a notice about a "lost camera containing hundreds of irreplaceable family memories" near the register. In the event it is a regular patron maybe they'll have a prick of guilt and return it or at least the memory card. I am so sorry!


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I agree...

I'd ask if I could at least post a notice saying it was lost, and if found they could keep the camera if they'd just return the memory card with pictures of DD's birthday and Halloween. Maybe whoever took it (my guess would be an employee has it, which is really sad) would say they found it - you get your pics and they still get to keep the camera...


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I've been on the other side...

I was working at a Wal*Mart store and took a call from a gentleman that said I returned a pair of ____ jeans, darkwash, size ___ two weeks ago. I just realized that I left $400 in the pocket. Would you be able to check if the pants are still there? I did. They were. I called the man back and told him that he could pick up his money at the customer service counter and was sure to leave my name with him, as well. He came in, got his money, he never even bothered to come say "thank you." I so could have said that the pants must have been sold, it was 2 weeks ago, and pocketed the money. I didn't want the money, although, it would have been nice...paid for books for the semester or something, but... At the end of my shift I asked the person working at customer service if he had picked up the money. She said yes, so I know that I was indeed in the store at the time he came to pick it up.

I would post the note if they let you. That's really about all you can do. While it may be an employee that has the camera, it may not be and you have no proof either way.

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It's probably gone

I'm sorry for all the memories that you've lost.
Whoever found it is probably going to keep it.
When I was on a cruise I left my camera in a room we were in for a performance. I went back within a half hour after to look for it. The cleaning crew was there and said they didn't see it but to check the front desk. I kept checking until the end of the cruise and noone turned it in. It even had an address label with my name on it! We were on a ship. The person who took it HAD to still be there! I never saw it again.