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I guess you could call it nesting


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but it's kind of early isn't it? I'm 30 weeks pregnant and all I want to do is clean and reorganize stuff. The problem is that I've already done that to every room in the house! I have nothing left to do! I'm going crazy! haha! I've even cleaned out all the files on my computer haha. Oh man, this is going to be a long 10 weeks! <!--giggle-->


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It will pass. :)

Get some rest. Seriously. I wish that I had rested more before my sweet girl was born. I would love to take a nice long nap now without listening to a baby monitor. <!--giggle-->


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Bring some of that energy to my house! Since DS was born a few months ago not much deep cleaning has been done!

Honestly, it will be a long 10 weeks (definitely seems shorter looking back). The last few weeks felt the longest. It's amazing how many menial tasks you'll be able to find between now and then!


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Where do you live? You could come to NC and clean my disgusting house while I am laid up recovering from surgery. I will even pay you!


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Nesting :)

I nested on and off throughout my pregnancy, especially in the last trimester. I'd reclean and reorganize stuff that I had just cleaned and organized days before - haha.

If you've got extra energy, make some freezer meals to enjoy after baby is here. That's one thing I didn't do and really wish I had. Fortunately my sister stayed with us the first week so she cooked for us which was a huge blessing, but people didn't bring by meals like I had expected (not sure why I had expected, just did) so I ended up cooking a lot when I wish I was sleeping and DH is no cook.