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I need a Christmas list


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For me. I’m drawing a blank. I planned on asking for a trip. I follow a photographer on TikTok and really want to have him do a photo shoot. He is located on the other side of the country. It would have been $$$$. It is as far out of my normal as it could possibly be. I’m chickening out asking mainly because any negative reaction would undo me and I can’t imagine a positive reaction from my DH. (Another story for another day).

My family, especially my DH, is HORRIBLE with gift giving. 95% of the time I have to order my own gifts. Everything he bought on his own for me last year either came from the gas station or grocery store. Think lottery scratch offs and $.99 body wash in rose scent. I’ve tried an Amazon wish list but he claims he doesn’t know how to Amazon and I should just pick something from the list and order it.

I am going to pick out my main gift (probably a kayak that I will be told I don’t want???) but I need some other things that I can ask for. My DS2 (20) is good about getting me something but he will spend too much $ that he doesn’t have. DS1 (22) will ask on Christmas Eve if tomorrow is Christmas.

I need some $10-50 ideas. I’m drawing a blank.


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warm hat, scarf, gloves
exercise equipment or supplies
stationary, nice pen
cologne or perfume
face cream or beauty product
new sheets, pillows, towels, cup towels, warm throw, throw pillows
bottle of wine
spa day
gift card for favorite restaurant
craft supplies
gift card to get car cleaned inside and out or maybe someone will take your car and have it cleaned for you

a specia event
something new for the kitchen
Christmas decor
scented soaps
fresh flowers


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Ask for him to take you out to a movie/play and/or lunch/dinner!
Ask for a fun family game that you can all play together!