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I NEED HELP with K-1 ESL Lesson


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I have to prepare a lesson for ESL kindergarteners that barely know the alphabet. I'm suppose to create a lesson using either vowels or phonics. What is good to do for a demo?
They can do up to the letter m. They speak Spanish so I was thinking of reviewing letters A-M. Then (using picture flash cards) show and say a word like A is for apple , and have the kids say the word in English, then in Spanish-manzana. But if they don't know the letter "P" (for apple) in the alphabet, is it a bad choice of words to teach? They are so limited. I need an easy, fun mini-lesson that helps them with reading, vowels, phonics,etc. They don't know the whole alphabet so I'm stuck. Any suggestions??
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i have two questions to ask you. do they know the letters of the alphabet in spanish and do you live in a state that has bilinual education or just ESL?


shared writing with ESL-k

how about doing a shared writing lesson. You can use any word you like (apple) as long as you have a picture to go with the word. If you create background knowledge you will not need to say the word in spanish. Ex: Teacher: Tell me what you know about fruit (point to a picture of fruit)? lets talk about everything we know about fruit...(hold up an apple) what does this smell like (use the kids who already know the words to expose the words to your ESL kids)?...it smells good...Can we we write that the apple smells good....and so on until you have a shared writing piece. They can then illustrate it and you can use it as a classroom book.


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Try flash cards

SRA/Open Court has wonderful excercises and flash cards for phonemic awareness. Not only are there letters/sounds, but there are pictures for each card and kinesthetics that go along with each sound/letter card. This is great for beginnin ESL learners, who often need sheltered English first, and acquire the language easier with activities that require total physical response, or TPR. The have large cards to use on bulletin boards, and smaller cards that you can use during circle-time or small-group instruction.