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i need ideas for a Middle Age project



I am doing a project on the middle ages and i need an idea but it can't be to big (ex. cant be knights, weapans)


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my kids just

my students just fnished their papier mache gargoyle...they are just gorgeous...

they could build a castle and show the different parts, using only recycled materials.



stained glass. Pre draw what they want theirs to look like, they must have lines attaching to the outer edge and they should be at least 1/4 in thick. When they have their plan done and you approve it, provide them with a piece of black construction paper and have them draw and cut it out, next use tissue paper behind it and the end result is beautiful. This is an excellent time to discuss literacy, books and the importance of stained glass in sharing information, stories)


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I am having my 8th grade Humanities class work on a couple of small projects, and they are doing one big one on their own. First, I downloaded some information on heraldry and the symbols for a coat of arms. I used a template and had them create their own coat of arms that represented who they were. Next, I cut out small squares from a styrofoam meat tray and am allowing them to cut them into a shape they want and then "engrave" a design on there for a signet. They can test how it works using ink as a stamper, or pressing it into clay.

On their own, they have the choice of creating a journal with ten entries pretending to be a person during the Middle Ages (knight, lady, serf, craftsman, priest, king, lord, etc.). Or they could perform a play, as a group, of life in the Middle Ages. Last, they could create a model of a castle or cathedral. I am giving them time in the computer lab and library to research their chosen topic.



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Last year my class created large tag-board images to look like stained glass windows, tapestries, and period clothing. We took photos of the kids' faces and inserted them in, to make it look like they were wearing the clothes or represented in the stained glass.

Another project was to assign each child a position in society, then create a chart showing their relative positions - who would have owed service to whom. The kids then created puppets of their characters and we wrote a short puppet show, which we performed to the parents.

I didn't do this with my group, but you could ask the kids to do a big chart of the feudal hierarchy, then do a second chart using examples from modern day life. For instance, the principal of the school is like the king or queen, the vice principal and other administrators lords... then what would that make the teachers? The students? Custodians? Etc? Or the coach of a football team might be the king, which would make the quarterback and other starting players lords, the referees clergymen, the water boys serfs, etc. It would be interesting to see what the kids came up with and what similarities and differences they noticed.