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I need some advise about management



I have 16 grade 2's who are absolutely amazing! I have so much fun with them and I feel good after most lessons because they put a lot of effort into each task. I only have a couple who find it difficult to stay on task but because there are only 16, it is easy to help them one on one.

THEN usually in period 3 or 4, 13 grade one's join us for the rest of the day. This group is so diverse and they need a lot of attention because of the dynamics of these kids. When they enter the room, the class tranforms into a nightmare...at least that is how I feel anyways. All of a sudden, my mind is spinning and I am constantly getting after distractable/misbehaving students. I don't feel like I am teaching at all. My grade 2's feed off this and I can feel some of them slipping. I have one grade 2 boy who now hardely gets any work done and I think it is because I have given soo many warnings and never follow through because I end up forgetting or focusing on the 13 1's that aren't doing any work.

I have been trying soo many positive reinforcement strategies like rearranging seating, modifying worksheets, trying to vary lighting, providing students with an option to work with music/in silence/ with partners...etc, disco-sits, feet stimulation objects, fidget toys, and so on. Now I feel like I haven't balance the positive with the negative...it's weird to say that I want more negative but I mean that I want the students to have a negative consequence as well because they are starting to walk all over me. I have a desk they get sent to but once one is there, where do I send the next one. I hate keeping them in for recess but sometimes I have to resort to this. Someone suggested having them miss art or music as a consequence. I need something easy and quick so that it is automatic and practical when I have 29 students under the age of 7. If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

This is also being written the day that I came back after a sub was in and we got a new student so the kids are really excited so that could be affecting my mood but it never hurts to ask for help.


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One thing I do with my students, is we have a behavior chart with different colored cards behind each name. The first two cards are green so one is a warning (because I usually forget who I've warned and who I haven't), the second is yellow, which is removal from the group for a short period of time. Next is orange, which is walking laps during recess (we can't completely eliminate it) or silent lunch. Last is red, which is parent conference/phone call/office visit as deemed appropriate by the teacher. You may also want to put your grade 1's on your chart. They're in the room for less time, which means they have less time to have problems, but still gives negative consequences.

Also, you may want to talk to your grade 2's separately and tell them that the first graders are looking to them for how to behave, and if the first graders aren't behaving, then the thing for them to do is show them how a real second grader acts. It's the end of the year, and I've taken to calling my 2nd graders "almost 3rd graders" and having them show what they are with their behavior. Give them some responsibility, it might lighten your load a bit. If possible, also talk to your 1st graders separately and let them know that when they enter your room, you expect second grade behavior because in just a few weeks, they will turn into second graders.