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I need songs & poems @ Egypt, Rome, Greece

sheila trapp

New Member
I am looking for easy songs that kids could sing for a school play. I've come up with 'Walk Like An Egyptian" so far. Any ideas out there?


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A song

There's a cute, easy kids' song about a lady sailing down the Nile on an alligator and being eaten by the 'gator. I was able to find the words by Googling "she sailed away," but no tune was included. I won't be back at school with my music collections until Jan. 3, but I can post sources for the music then if you are interested.


proug egypt

i need a really nice poem to show on msn i realy need help it has to be simple pleasee help


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Check out "Anna Moo"

She is an award winning artist with great music for elementary ed. On her album called "Crackers", she has a song called "Mysteries of the Nile". It cute, but not too babish for the upper grades.

Good Luck!