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I need your help...Please!


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First, I have to say thank you to all of you for ALL of the great ideas! I just recently started looking on PT, (mainly for D5 and Cafe) and I think I am addicted! I know that this may not be the right room for this, but I am looking for guidance! My husband says I am constantly looking for new ideas (which is fine) but now you have so many ideas floating in your head (and millions of files) you have no idea what to do or where to start!! He is SO right!
I have been reading the D5 and Cafe books, searching on here, and have found SO many new and great ideas. I want to implement them both next year, and feel like I have an idea of what i am going to do next year, but feel like I have no clue at the same time! Do any of you ever feel this way???
Do any of you that are trying this for the first time (or any experienced D5, Cafe users) have any tips for me? Any step-by-step checklist to go from to really get the process going? I would appreciate any help at this point! Thank You SO much for your help!

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Daily 5/ CAFE

I just started last year. I'm like you and had so many good ideas and wanted to do them all. I just did the daily 5. Now that I have a handle on the daily 5 I am going to add the CAFE this year. I teach 1st grade and I feel that they can not handle it all at once. I do use the words from the CAFE but do not have a CAFE board. It is better to pick one thing and do it well then to try and do too much and not do it well. Words I try to live by. Good Luck!!


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I know how you feel...

Last year we implemented D5 and this year we are going to do CAFE (we meaning my team and I..we teach 2nd grade). I would honestly start with focusing on D5. You can always add CAFE a few months in or mid-year or even just try it next school year. Remember that all students are building their stamina as you teach them how to be independent. This is plenty of time to get a feel for D5 and if you decide, start CAFE.
My teaching partner was out until January on maternity leave. She started D5 then and it still worked wonderfully for her. A 1st grade teacher at my school is starting this in January. She just has certain things she likes to do first and doesn't feel her students are independent enough at the beginning to do this, even though other 1st grade teachers and Kindergarten teachers do it. Point is, the programs are flexible enough for you to make your own choice and what fits you best.
It's all up to you and how you want to implement. My advice though is start with D5 and if you want to try CAFE too, I would wait a few months. This way you can get a feel on how you want to switch from each round and what works/what doesn't in your room and with your teaching style.
Good luck! D5 has changed my life! :-)


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launching chart

Last year was my first using D5 and CAFE and I LOVED it!!

Attached is a launching chart that I made that helped me figure out what I needed to do and when. Hope it helps.

I found the CAFE board just took up space. I liked that kids knew the words, and which they were focusing on, but having the strategies up just took up a whole bulletin board that I could have been using for anchor charts. That's my plan for next year -- keep the CAFE words and the space for the kids post-its, but then leave the rest blank so we can have anchor charts to help us with the comprehension strategies (our main focus). I will teach 3rd; the launching chart I made was for when I taught a 1-2 multi-age.
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I reall like your chart, TcherGurl528.

Do you anticipate many changes for 3rd (that's what I teach)? I'd love to see your changes. This upcoming year is my first for D5. You obviously thought through this very carefully - way to go!


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I did both...

Last year was my first year back to teaching, (9yrs. at home ) and I dove right in and did both Daily 5 and Cafe.I really used a lot from the books, the sisters web site, and this wonderful room! I think if you go back many pages to last summer, some PTs posted a "To Do" list. One thing I would suggest is to get your library organized for book shopping as soon as possible. Also, start organizing your pensieve. Remember that it is all a process and you can tweak it as you go to fit your needs.


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for me

I am going to try to launch both this year. I have to tell myself to SLOW DOWN~ I'm going to focus on just the first couple of weeks for each part. I'm not going to worry about strategy groups yet or word work... when I get ready to introduce those- then I'll go back and review those chapters. I have a tendency to think I have to do it ALL right now. SoI'm trying to just do it in chunks.


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me too!

I'm feeling sooo excited and overwhelmed at the same time!! I think I got extra pumped up when I found this site and all the awesome ideas available here! I'm looking forward to trying D5 first little by little and feel much better knowing that if I have a question I can come on here and I will have instant support! There is only one other teacher in my building who is doing D5 and not CAFE (yet). I like what the other posters said about not needing to rush into both. I think I'll take my time and impliment D5 well and then worry about CAFE. Looking forward to starting the year with the other newbies and learning from all the experienced Daily 5ers! :)


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Thanks for all of the replies! jennylearn said that someone at one point had mentioned a "To Do" type list. If anyone has this saved I would love to see it.

I guess I am looking forward to seeing the success that these programs bring! I just want to jump right in and do it all. But like many of you said I think I need to step back and see what I "have" to do. Thanks for your help and I will take any other ideas that you might have to share!!!