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I need your ideas!


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My kids will be testing next weeks. I would like to have breakfast the first day of the test. Do you have any ideas?


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is always a great hit. I just bring in the batter already mixed and my electric griddle. THen make pancakes and let the kiddos eat them. THey love it.

I have also done cereal with milk. I usually have the kids vote on about three different kinds and that is what I buy.


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Hi Makayla,

One year we collected five dollars from each kid and bought them breakfast each morning of the test. One day we had pancakes on a stick from Sonic, the next we ate chicken biscuits from Chick-Fil-A, and the last morning we ate breakfast tortilla (or something like that) from McDonald's. We also served juice each morning. The kids loved it! We had a number of kids who couldn't afford to bring in five dollars so the principal covered their costs. Other years we've just had peanut butter crackers, donuts, muffins, of something similar.

Happy Eating!
Betsy :)


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keep it simple

I find the kids are worked up enough and that it's best to keep things simple so that they will be calm for the test. I have given them things such as a granola bar or a cheese stick and a piece of fruit. These things are simple to pass out, simple to eat and simple to clean up. That's what I would look for...you and the kids will have enough to do that you won't want to have used your mental energy up on putting together a big breakfast. Keep in mind that a lot of kids are too nervous to eat so a simple snack maybe all you can get them to nibble on before a test. Good luck!!


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I order pigs in the blanket from the bakery and we have orange juice. The kids love it. Good luck on the test and with breakfast.