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I -REady Assessment

Parent Issue 


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Hello PT,

So I had kids today test on IReady for reading, it took forever. However, I had three students with computer issues so I had them explore with playdough and color. The morning went by very quick and after specials, lunch and recess in the afternoon, I had students play for a few minutes on computers, while others completed the test. However, this student's computer did not work , so I continued with the play dough for another 15 minutes, then we reviewed reading lesson and had them do a cut/paste of short/long vowels.

The parent is questioning me that her son says he did absolutely NOTHING.

What can I tell her to calm her down?


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I just say it’s a district mandated assessment and leave it at that. You could also say the tech dept is working on the issue.


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You had a very busy day. The child in question was kept busy educationally while you dealt with tech issues and keep order in the class. I am retired now, dealing with iReady is stressful enough let alone dealing with all the computer problems. When teachers have to administer iReady testing there should be a Tech person on hand to help out. Teachers deal with enough stress today. I would tell the mother exactly what you did, and if she has a problem tell her to call the tech department. I feel your pain.