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I resigned



I resigned from my temporary maternity leave position this week. It was absolutely the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I love my school, my principal, the students and the staff were amazing. However, I think my husband was about to lose it. Having to get the kids ready for school, make lunches and get supper ready in addition to getting the kids off to various activities was really hard on him. The fact that I only saw my own children about an hour and a half a day was hard on me. I was commuting an hour each way. I have been working in the Catholic system and will miss the spiritality that existed in my school. I will miss the morning staff prayers and the whole school saying the Lord's Prayer. This past week we did the Living Rosary. It was absolutely breathtaking. I have accepted a position in my own town so I won't have the commute anymore. It is a part time position so I will have more time with my family.

Right now, I am still struggling with my decision though.



((Hugs)) to you. It sounds like you put your family first and did what was best for them. My biggest resentment of my job is to work evenings - they are for my children. But I work them because I have to. Good for you to be brave enough to know when you have to do it. Best wishes and good luck in the new position. I'm sure it'll be healthier and happier for your family and you. That's what counts! :)


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Hugs as well

Hey Paula,

I think you made the best decision for your family. It's not easy leaving a position you are really enjoying - but your family is important. Perhaps when your children are a bit older you can try to move back to that division.

How are things going now with the changes???? It is probably nice not having to commute anymore. Is your new class and school good?

Take care,



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Haven't started yet

I don't start my new position until November 28th as I had to give 30 days notice when I resigned. Just finished report cards this weekend. I'll worry next about PTI and then I can concentrate on the new job.