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I think I was threatened....


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Today, I had an assignment 7:45-11:45 in a K classroom. This is my 4th time subbing. When I got there, I knew it was one of those unhappy, grumpty secretaries. she gave me class keys, I asked her what room and that set her off. She said, "Why don't you look at the key". It said the number 10 on it upon close inspection. I asked her where the classroom was and she waved her hand in one direction without looking. Around one hour into class, I got a phone call, the person asked, "Who am I speaking to?". I stated my name and that I was a sub for so and so. The person asked if I was available to sub in the afternoon. I told her that I would have to arrange pickup/babysit for my son in first grade first. She said, "If you can't.. they will pull you out". She emphasized pull you out. At that time, I didn't know what she meant. I was in the midst of working with 28 Kinders. I told her that I am alone in the classroom with the children and she said, when the other teacher comes in to make a call. Ten minutes later, a lady walks in and says, "I thought you were suppose to call the office". I said, "Are you the person that I spoke to because I told her that I will when the other teacher shows up". She said I am here so make your call. I called and asked my mom and she said OK. When I let her know, she just walked out with a smile. Now, what does pull out mean? Did she mean that if I don't accept the assignment, they are going to pull me from the sub list or that they are going to pull me from the classroom and throw me into another one. I don't know. I actually enjoyed the second assignment, they were very nice there. However, I feel really icky because I did not do anything to deserve this treatment. I feel kind of dumb too for being treated and talked to this way.


pull you out?

That is really weird! I'd be upset, too. But you don't know who was on the phone, and you don't know who the "teacher" was who came in? Why in the world would they "pull you out"? You committed to a half day - they ask me all the time if I can stay for the PM, and I NEVER have had a problem if I have to say no! And I will say no for no good reason - just because I hadn't planned on it!

Can you ask your sub caller, tell him/her about what happened, just to know in case it happens again?

I'm sorry that happened! I would be really miffed, too. At least it worked out and the PM assignment was fun.

You have to let a lot of things roll off your back in this "line of work"!


Avoid the GRUMPS..!!!!

Do yourself a BIG favor..... take that school off your call list & try a few others in your area..... I would go in & talk to the principle on the behavior of that old GRUMP you encountered........ Good Luck....


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If you are fortunate enough to work in a district with plenty of work for subs I absolutely would take a break from returning to that school. I've had a VERY similar experience. As for pulling you out I would love to see what that means. It's just me, and I certainly don't think others should follow, but I would have said no to the request unless I had built some sort of amiable relationship with the school. I'm sure that pulling you out was some sort of attempt at intimidation to keep you there. It's not like there going to say go home and not pay you. Oh wait, we're subs and by default the lowest on the food chain. Maybe they wouldn't pay. :)


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Try talking to the district certificated

personnel department for what it means to be "pulled out". Do you have a substitute coordinator at your district office? Ask that person about similar situations and how you should respond. You can also check your handbook if your district issued you one. Regardless, I wouldn't worry too much. Care of your son has to be your first priority.


Does sound a little confusing

With Subbing, if I don't understand what another teacher or Administrator is saying, I try to ask right away. I don't want any misunderstandings based on their using terminology I might not be familiar with (i.e., pull you out). As others have suggested, maybe you could call the office of the school where you Subbed, or the department which coordinates the Subs, and ask what was meant by "pull you out." If you can, let us know what you found out.