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I think my dryer is ruined.


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DD24 and her fiancé come over on Tuesdays for dinner, and they bring their laundry. Their building has only 2 machines for 9 apartments, and they're almost always in use. So once a week, they do their one load of laundry at my house. No big deal.

A few months ago, future SIL had left a dry erase marker in his pocket, and it got all over their clothes, and all over the inside of the dryer. Thankfully, since it was dry erase, it just wiped right off. DD and I scolded him about not checking his pockets before putting his clothes in the basket.

Well, this time he left a ballpoint pen in his pocket, and it exploded in the dryer. There are literally hundreds of heavy dark streaks of ink ALL OVER the inside of my dryer. We tried a magic eraser, nail polish and rubbing alcohol. The last 2 methods *almost* removed one small streak with a lot of elbow grease, but it wasn't completely gone, and there are hundreds more streaks remaining --- I can't imagine how long it would take to fully remove them all.

One solution we found on the internet was soaking a towel in bleach and water, and putting it in the dryer. I don't have any bleach, so I'll have to try it tomorrow.

But here's the thing................what happens if it's ruined? The dryer is only 2 years old, and it was expensive! I hate to be a b&*$#, but I feel like they need to replace it. They can afford it. I would hope that they would offer, and I would hate to "demand" it if they didn't. I'm so upset. :(

This photo shows literally just 1/3 of my dryer. :eek:
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Seriously, if you can't wipe it off, it shouldn't come off on your own clothes.

After trying the towel in bleach, I would run a load of things that don't matter so much (dark towels, sheets, dark jeans...) and see how that goes. Then try a load of exercise/garden "don't matter" clothes before trying your good stuff.

My dh did that too, but I don't remember having that much ink in the tank!

All else fails, you can probably replace the drum rather than a whole new dryer.


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I don’t think it’s ruined, it’s just stained. As long as it doesn’t get on clothing, and the dryer still dries, it should be fine.


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Sam thing happened to me years ago. I tried several things too and just could not get it off. But I figured since I couldn’t scrub it off for the life of me, it wouldn’t come off on my clothes. It didn’t look pretty on the inside, but worked fine and I never had any issue with stains on the clothes.


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I'm guessing the same as the other posters. The dryer can still work and not stain your clothes. I suggest you have the "artist" dry his clothes in there to test this theory out. He needs a lesson on consequences;)


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THANK YOU! Your responses have made me feel so much better. I'm literally sitting here with that horrible sinking anxious feeling that I hate.

I will try the bleach/water towels tomorrow, and if it doesn't work, I'll keep my fingers crossed!!

As for future SIL learning a lesson..........nothing ever bothers him! Everything just rolls right off his back, like it's no big deal. "Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff" is his motto. :rolleyes:


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I'm not sure I'd allow them to do laundry at my place...once...sure...twice...yikes! Three strikes. Done.

And yes, IF the drier were ruined they should pay for it, whether now or in the future.

I hate to say this, but can DD double check his clothes beforehand? I know he should, but it seems like he doesn't care. Well, he should, imo. :(

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Goo Gone Graffiti Remover

It is good for all things paint and ink related. Just wipe down with soapy water (Dawn for me) after cleaning since it’s oily.


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Ink in the Dryer

I was the pen culprit in my house. My dryer is stained with blue ink and has been for a while. The load of clothes in with the pen were dark colored clothes. The ink never got on anything else. I'm going to try that Goo Gone Graffiti Remover. Thanks for the suggestion.


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Oh no! What frustrates me looking into this situation is that you're the one who seems to be the concerned one who is trying everything to clean it! Was he apologetic? Did he feel bad or just not care? I would hope they are researching and trying to figure out how to clean it, too!


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You might try spraying the marks with hair spray. That is what I use to get ink out of clothes, so maybe it will work on the dryer. Good luck!


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If you have an electric dryer I'd unplug the dryer before using the cleaning products. With a gas dryer shut off the gas supply, the igniter switch and ventilate the room. A small spark could cause a fire.


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i also bet that it's just stained--do some dark loads first and then a load of something light colored that you don't care about so you can see if it comes off on clothes/towels...

i am worried about the chemicals in the dryer...because i have some of those felted wool balls and recall reading that some people scent theirs with oils....but somewhere online it says that that could start a fire (not sure if electric or gas), so i would make sure that your dryer is well cleaned/rinsed out!

i think natural consequences (if dryer ISNT ruined)....how much time/energy do you think you put into trying to fix it? SIL should be asked to "pay" that back--some cleaning around the house, perhaps? maybe that will make him think about his actions. yep, teacher in me...


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Happened to me the 1st month I had my new dryer years ago. <!--grumpy--> I did not even try to remove it. It never harmed any future clothes, and I think it only showed on one or two items in the load with the pen.

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You’re not being a b(t@$! There are consequences to actions and he should absolutely pay for a new drum, dryer, etc if needed.
I would tell him to get some goo gone and some bleach and to come over to clean it. I would have him use the goo gone and then throughly wash the inside. Then have him do the bleach towel trick and throughly clean it again.
He will care more when it’s his dryer that he paid for and yes, I’d say three strikes and you’re out. If the apartment laundry rooms are full they can go to a laundromat.


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Thanks AGAIN!

I'm off to get the Goo Gone Graffiti Remover. Also picking up some bleach while I'm at it, since I need it anyway. I'm relieved to know that it likely won't come off on our clothing if we can't easily wipe it away, but it just looks so awful, I can't stand it. I don't want to get mad at SIL every time I open my dryer lol.


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Get the Goo Gone and work on removing the ink from the dryer. It's done wonders for marks at my home. You'll have to wipe and clean out the dryer when you're done. What a pain.

I wouldn't retaliate against DSIL since this isn't the 'hill' I'd choose to die on. A quick chat with DD could clear the air. Ask her to check all pockets when they come to do laundry and remind her that the dryer is like new to you and seeing the dryer marked feels like a form of disrespect. All you ask is that they appreciate your generosity and respect your property.

I know you like this young man and hope that this all settles down.


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remind her that the dryer is like new to you and seeing the dryer marked feels like a form of disrespect. All you ask is that they appreciate your generosity and respect your property

i like this!


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Call the manufacturer of the dryer and ask what you should do. I’d be careful with cleaning products in a gas or electric dryer.


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I'm relieved to know that it likely won't come off on our clothing if we can't easily wipe it away, but it just looks so awful, I can't stand it

I get your frustration! I’ve had crayons , permanent markers, pens, and more explode in my dryer.

It’s a dryer kit your couch. Not like guests will see it’s ugliness!

Their laundry days at your house would be over in my home!


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Not sure if this will work, but...

I once subbed in a classroom where a student was panicking because a pen had leaked all over the top of his desk. He and a friend were trying to use the classroom soap and wet paper towels, to no avail. I calmly asked them to dry off the desk, and then showed them how to use a dry erase marker and tissue to remove the pen marks a bit at a time. I think they were so impressed, they thought I had magic powers. Rub fresh dry erase marker over a small section of one of the streaks, then quickly wipe the spot with a tissue or paper towel. It might work.