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I thought this was cute..


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So I was in the store the other day and I overheard a boy (maybe about 10) ask him mom, "Why is John so mean to you mom?" The mother replies, "Well, I guess because he is a teenager." The kid says, "Well, when I am a teenager, I won't talk to you like that or be mean like him. It isn't right." At this point, I smiled at the kid and walked away...

Maybe there is some hope yet. I teach high school and rarely do I ever get a truly polite kid. So many kids are so rude/disrespectful/defiant/etc. (Please don't get me wrong - I love what I do, but not the nasty attitudes)

Anyway, it was just so great to see such a nice kid.. made my day.


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sweet boy!

That made me smile! My own son said things like that too when he was that age....I reflect on that. He's almost 17 now and has times when he's still sweet, but other times I wonder if he's the same kid. He's really not a bad kid, but sometimes he has this bravado attitude that makes me crazy. It's like he's trying on different personalities, or just trying to be cool around his friends. I remember being a teen too and it is a hard time. But it's hard to be a parent of a teen too sometimes...Thanks for sharing!