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I thought this was very good.

Classroom Management 

apple annie

Senior Member
One of the things I see a lot in his articles is NOT having a special separate behavior plan for more challenging kids. I know in this age of differentiation of everything that's not a popular idea. But having lowered expectations and standards sends a message to the "problem" kid that he/she isn't capable of behaving. These separate standards also often erode classroom community and general respect for classroom expectations. Just my experience.


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Thank you for sharing this! I see that he has other helpful articles that I really need to look into.


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Thanks for sharing this. It really reinforces what a lot of teachers already know, but have not been able to get past. His suggestion of teachers working together and presenting it to admin is a good idea. I am not sure if our admin would be receptive, but it is worth a try.


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Thank you for posting this! I am now subscribed and looking for best practices. Thank you again!