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I want to go to Grand Rapids



Hi everyone! I've just decided that I want to go back home to Kentwood, MI (near Grand Rapids). The only problem is that I've heard that there's a hiring freeze there. Does anyone know of a districtin the area that may be hiring for next school year? Just trying to get a head start in my job hunt.

Thanks, Tracey


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very few jobs

I am from the GR area and had to move to North Carolina to find a job. There are thousands of applicants for two or three openings, they are closing schools, cutting health benefits, and many times post the jobs, but move people around in the district to fill them. Best of luck if you decide to try there, most of the people I did my internship with in GR now live in other parts of the US.


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I live in MI and know so many unemplyed teachers. IN my own district we had 320 apps for 2 positions! It is so hard- not impossible but hard to get jobs in MI right now. Good luck!


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No luck

I am currently looking for a job in the Metro Detroit area. I was told at a job fair that there are 23,000 teachers looking for a job in the Metro Detroit area. there are openings though...you are just competing with lots of other great teachers!


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Keep looking....

I am also from GR and am going on my second hiring season. It all depends on what your certification is...if you are science, math, or special ed then you have a GREAT chance. But...if you're english, social studies, elementary, or electives (other than foreign languages) then good luck. It seems so many jobs go to those who "know" someone pretty high up.

good luck!