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I want to quit!


still crying

This is my fifth year of teaching but I am so frustrated, emotional and just beaten down that I want to quit. If my husband and I could afford for me to quit, I think he would be for it too so I wouldn't have to put up with this anymore. Long story short, I have a special ed kid in my class who has a disease. Mom calls herself the kid's advocate (which is great, much better than some parents who don't care) but starts out as mildly nasty and then goes to totally nasty depending on how irritated she is. Because of contagious issues, kid may not be coming back to normal school but is still technically in my class. She blames me, even though I have nothing to do with it. I've had at least 1-2 calls each day he is out during this "waiting period" while they figure out what to do. She's told me I'm being insensitive, discriminating ("but he heas a disease"), short (because I refused to have a mini conference 2 minutes before the school day started), and how mean I am. How much more do I have to put up with? When do parents cross the line to harassing? This is a vent but I really would like some serious advice...when is it harassment? I hate returning her calls because I know she's going to be nasty and make me cry (luckily I hold it in until I hang up). Anyone?


I think.....

You need to take this to your administration. It sounds an awful lot like harrassment and badgering to me. Good luck! Try to think of all the GREAT kids that I'm sure you have, and their parents who probably appreciate all that you do for their kids.


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One parent can ruin it all

It really stinks how one parent can make everything so miserable for you. Like the other poster said, try to focus on the great students and parents you have.

In the mean time, definitely talk to your principal or school counselor. They should be able to keep some of this burden off of you. Always remember to be nice to this nut because you never know how she might turn on you. And, as always, DOCUMENT your conversations.


I am sorry you are going through this. From now on, ask that an administrator be present, during both calls and conferences. YOU NEED A MEDIATOR!!!! In her defense, I am sure it is stressful to have a child with a serious illness. However, she needs to understand that you want the best for her child, just like she does. Chin up, and get some back-up in the future.


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involve principal

I think you should talk to your principal. There's absolutely no reason she should be treating you like this. Although it's very sad he has a disease and is out of school, it's not your fault. You also have many other kids to take care of. If I were you I would tell the mother that if she has further questions or concerns she could call the principal.

Last year a mother called me quite often (we were testing her child for possible Asperger's). She was constantly calling and crying to me. I know she was upset, but it was difficult for me to talk to her. She wanted her daughter to be taken out of my class, because I was the one who initiated the testing and she thought I was wrong. I talked to my principal about it, and he told me to tell her that if she has questions and concerns she can call him. I told her that and she said, "No, that's ok. I understand why she's being tested." After that she was very thankful to me for initiating the testing, because her daughter was diagnosed.

It's great that she's advocating for her child, BUT she doesn't need to do it in a harrassing way. Get your principal involved.


Great idea for you!

I am quitting very soon! I can't wait! I'm buying a tutoring franchise. If you are interested, check them out on line, then pick one that is right for you! I am so excited that it is making me much happier in school each day. I keep thinking..."OK (insert name of difficult parent), I can deal with you"..."All right (insert demanding principal who is now asking for yet another hoop to be jumped through), No problem! It won't be long before I'm outta here. I'll be my own boss!"

Just a suggestion!