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I went a teensy Black Friday crazy


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I went Black Friday crazy. I ordered a few things on Amazon for school. Then I wandered over to Ulta. I didn’t NEED anything, but at 50% off there were things I WANTED, and couldn’t pass up. Then Chewy had Greenies 50% off. I couldn’t pass that up. :rolleyes: Then Bath and Body had buy 3, get 3 and I did need to restock soap so I ordered some. And I hopped on Etsy.

Basically, I contributed to the economy.

Sorry, not sorry. :rolleyes:<!--eyebrow-->

NJ Teacher

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Totally agree with your thinking. Talbots offered early access one oneitem at 50% off for several days prior to Black Friday. I also got some leggings from Chicos that were on sale. November has been one big spendfest, but I hav3 the money, so I am definitely not sorry.


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It seemed to me that the deals were good. Perhaps it's because prices seemed to be rising for awhile re food items, gasoline, housing market and the are just as good as they usually are. I bought a few small things like winter socks and a strip of holders for all the brooms, Swiffers, dust pans in the small hall closet closest to the kitchen. I liked paying ten dollars for items. I didn't get out to the craft fairs this year due to a muscle strain in my right butt cheek. Its been a real pain in the a$$. But we did get some home baked goods from a high school sports team that had set up outside a small locally owned grocery store. And we saw a booth outside a home on a main street where the kids were selling jewelry stocking stuffers. I do like small town Maine life where people are creative in ways to make extra money.


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Same here!

I bought my last couple of gifts on Amazon and got my favorite high end shampoo/conditioner at 30% off (the price is ridiculous, even on sale, but after seeing what my hair looks like when using it, I just can't go back to Pantene).

Today I bought a humidifier from Amazon. I'd been thinking about it, but was 100% ready to bite the bullet after seeing the difference in my skin after spending just a few days back in the Midwest. The dry climate/no humidity here is lovely in the summer, but it's downright painful in the winter!

And I finally got an air fryer, after hemming and hawing about that for literally the past several years LOL. I pick it up at Target tomorrow. It was only discounted $10, but the price was lower to begin with and reviews were good. Plus, I used the card I received as a rebate for buying my contact lenses for that purchase- so it was technically free for me!

I thought about looking at Ulta and determined I'd done enough damage already- same for new clothes. I did buy myself a little beauty advent calendar earlier this season. I just thought it would be a fun thing to have for December. I should probably cool it on the unnecessary purchases for awhile!


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I bought:
Pots and pans
Christmas tree
3 mattresses
Sectional sofa

Oh, and my two sister-in-laws and I took mom on a shopping trip to Talbots. She was in desperate need of clothes.

It was an expensive couple of days but I'm furnishing a new house and I got some great deals.

I would have gotten a TV, too, but I took way too long to decide (shopping online) and the ones I wanted were out of stock later in the day.

I will be looking at the cyber Monday deals.