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Does anyone have any suggestions on icebreakers that can be used for teachers as part of a workshop? Any suggestions would be helpful? The workshop will deal with writing assessment....but the icebreaker can be generic...Thanks


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Two truths and a lie

Have each teacher write down two true facts about themself and one lie in mixed up order

For example:

I still have a baby tooth.
I lived in a brothel in college
I am legally blind.

Then everyone tries to guess your lie. (I am not legally blind :)

It is really fun and it it quick and you learn a lot about people.



This is actually an icebreaker that I use with my students, but could be adjusted for adults too. I simply make a list of things that second graders have done before, such as:

1. I have lost my two front teeth._______________________________

2. I am an only child._________________________________________

And so on....

Each student has to go around the room & find a person that applies to the statement. That person then signs their name on the line. When the student has all of their lines filled they win!

You could do the same type of idea with adults by statements such as:

1. I have been on a cruise.____________________________________

2. I teach second grade.______________________________________

Hope this helps!