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Idea needed for 8th grade Science Lesson



Hello, I'm a college student needing to put together a Science lesson as part of a team of "teachers" (each of us responsible for a different core subject but all related by theme/topic) for a presentation in a few weeks.

My group has selected 8th grade and our topic is Louisiana History. While we have yet to scale down the topic to a more specific one, all I know is I'm going to have to do something related to Louisiana and my subject is Science.

Are there any 8th grade Science teachers out there who can help me with a lesson that would relate to the history of my state?

In our state standards for 8th grade Science, there are a few areas (reading/interpreting topography maps; determining results of constructive and desctructive forces upon landform development using geological maps; human actions and natural processes that have modified our coastal region;) that may best apply to what I'm needing to do, but I'm at a lost as to how to get the ball rolling (did I mention I'm not very "science minded"?) nor do I have any great creative ideas (our college LOVES creativity in the for a project for the class (my "students") to do. My teacher is BIG on projects to be completed by the "students" and also, we are constantly reminded that our lesson plans MUST make the students use higher order thinking!

So if anyone at ALL can help me, I'd REALLY REALLY appreciate it!


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Landform models

You might consider making three dimensional models of landforms taken from topographic maps.

Step one: Enlarge an area that you want to model by using a copy machine.
Step two: Make a template of each contour interval by tracing onto cardboard.
Step three: Cut each contour interval out of corrogated cardboard or sheets of styrofoam.
Step four: Stack the contour intervals on top of each other and glue together to make a three-dimensional model of the landform.

You can leave the model like this or smooth out the surface using a substance such as salt dough or clay.

I hope this is intelligible and that it helps you.



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science ideas

I teach fifith grade and I am needing help with some sciece activity ideas. I didn't know if I would find you on this new website. You always have great ideas. What I am looking for is ideas concerning forces and simple machines hands on activities would be great. Thans so much in advance. My regular email is Jengle 1971@bellsouth.net