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ideal classroom (not just material/facility)



Could you please describe your ideal classroom. Not just "things" you would like to have, but a realistic "ideal" classroom. If that makes since?? I have to write an essay for an application to be part of a professional development experience this summer.

Thanks in advance for ideas


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as in...

So are you asking about things like "my ideal classroom would have a discovery lab area where children felt free to go after completing assignments and where they could examine different science artifacts" and "my classroom would be set up with a creative writing corner where children could go to express themselves artistically and through words" or are you talking "I'd like my class to work cooperatively as much as possible because I feel students learn a lot more from each other than they could ever learn from listening to me talk". All of these things are what I'd like in my class but I wasn't sure what you meant by a realistic "ideal" classroom.

Ms. K

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I would really like a classroom where everybody had enough personal space. I would also like a place where children could learn in the best way possible for them. Not everyone does well sitting in a desk all day. Sometimes kids need to stand or laydown to do their work.

Having enough materials for every child that is suited to her or his needs would also be important. I know you said "not just 'things'" but that can be the dividing line between a good class and a "bad" class. If students don't have the right kind of pencils or lined paper it may be very difficult to be sucessful. Also, for younger students, it is very important to have a lot of concrete materials so that they can really internalize ideas and concepts.

An ideal classroom, to me, also has an equal number of boys and girls, an equal number of high achievers and challenged students, children that listen and follow directions, and that have parents that support me in my task of educating their children in the way I was trained to do.

I hope some of this is helpful. I really got lucky this year and have most of the stuff in the third paragraph. I feel really blessed.

Judy 24

This is what I would want if

I couldn't include things.

I want a class full of students that enjoy learning. I want students that feel comfortable to voice their opinions about any topic. I want discussions to flow and lead to more discussions. I want students that feel inspired enough to complete all of their assignments not because they have to but because they want to. I want my classroom to be a fun place to learn and explore. I want all of my students to get along and help each other grow. I want a class full of little learners that grow up to remember our "ideal" classroom.

I realize that it may not exist, but this would be my "ideal" classroom.

Mrs. G

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ideal class

I would love a class where all the children were eager to learn and were well behaved. As well as a class where all children turn in there homework and return all notes and papers on time. It would be nice to see all children treating each other with respect and following all of the class rules.

I would love humor to remain part of the classroom. I would want to continue cooperative learning activities. A computer at every desk and the latest technology at my finger tips.:)


my ideal classroom

eager to learn children
supportive parents
parents who volunteer
students that hand in their homework on time
parents that support their childrens learning at home
happy students parents and teachers
well resourced school and classroom library
a computer lab in the schol
an art room at the school
laptops for each student
enough stationary supplies to last the year for all students
i could go on and on

Really i shouldnt be complaining im in a grade job at a great school and as long as im happy these things would just make my life that little bit easier.